Truth Hertz: The Judeo-Masonic King James Bible (8-22-18)

Charlie talks about how the KJV came to be and the Masonic ties of King James and then gets into some of the major differences. He also talks about quest to lower his blood pressure.

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Good show, love researching the time period surrounding King James and Francis Bacon, but mate, your knowledge of the English language is quite lacking, if you don’t know that “corn” was simply a generic word for grains in England, and still is at the present time. The real name for what Americans call corn is maize. This grain is so ubiquitous in America that it overtook wheat or barley as three standard crop that is labeled corn. Please inform yourself a bit more before you go on diatribes about Columbus or preexistence of maize in European countries, this hurts your show.


I had no idea that corn and maize were the same thing. Australians call it corn as well.

Self-Sabotage and Transcending the False Matrix Others far more “mainstream” thinking along the same lines I’ve been thinking for the past 3 years? Of course! Because it’s an immediate psychological necessity that has to set the groundwork for everything else, IF there is to be anything else but perpetual slavery to the endless “traumatically and dramatically” scripted and motivated roles we are led to mimic in our daily lives. The toxic, long-outdated and frankly unnecessary “dramatic/traumatic” form which is the main storytelling and framing and human-activity-processing device pushed on entire societies for as long as hoaxed history has presented it has to be dethroned and seen for the outdated and unnecessary absurdity that it is. The “dramatic/traumatic” games mimiced and played by so many… Read more »

Allison MacPherson

The Abraham religions keeps human consciousness retarded.

Allison MacPherson

Do you realize you have just described human life as described in the bible? Humanity has been under the unconscious dictates of an Iron Age Hebrew created religion and the results can be observed on a daily basis. Abraham religions keep humans consciously retarded and stuck in a rigid pattern of belief systems. Whenever this objective observation arises, one is accused of being a Satanist, Atheist, or without morals. To the believers, if one is not in the bible cult, one is incapable of having sound morals. All 3 Abraham religions are based on being superior to all others in morality. That is why the work of CG is so important. Most people in the “truth movement” still fail to understand the importance of identifying… Read more »

Allison MacPherson

King James I of King James bible fame, was a perverted homo and a high-level Freemason! Excuse me whilst I laugh my ass off. Whew, if only we could control the mainstream TV airwaves for 48 hours, there would be mass hysteria….heads exploding from the truth tonic!


Thanks for all your hard work, Charles. Your research is excellent.