Truth Hertz: The Loving God Will Send You to Hell (8-4-20)

Charlie finishes up his presentation on the “loving” nature of God and Jesus, talks about the prideful boasting of Christians, monkey see monkey do, and more.

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1 month ago

Fuck Yahweh
Still, you know objective truth exists.
If you’re mankind, the truth is inside and is, Incorruptible
and none can take it from you

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1 month ago


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1 month ago

Ain’t good news but Charlie’s great

1 month ago

Apart from religion, the other great lie is evolution. Aptly put in our syllabus from the master dupes so that as soon as you unplug from the Abrahamic brainwashing you hog onto the stupidity of evolution. And if that misses your mark you are unto the alien intervention fairies from Sitchin’s Annunaki. Can it get more deceptive? So, after all is said and done what can the truth really be? There is a narrative so suppressed on this planet that it took centuries of mass murder and purges to cleanse out: The guiding narrative of the Fallen Goddess Scenario. Physics and Metaphysics are two sides of the same silver coin… Those Pythagoreans were dead right. The secrets they knew about the cosmos were derived from… Read more »

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