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7 years ago

I know that Charlie already mentioned this but i will say it again.

After listening to this program, if you think everything the government and the FBI and CIA does is for peace and freedom, and you don’t think they do anything wrong, or has never done anything wrong in the past and you believe everything they tell you…
well, i have a suggestion for you… You may as well end it all right now, because you’re not human!
plain and simple

7 years ago

I totally agree with Paula, anyone who cant see the obvious, despite normal eye sight, obviously has processing problems of the brain. We are all innocent and naïve at a young age but now with all the information available to us we should be waking up at younger ages. We know that so much of the problem stems from the education system. I use to accept the saying that you cant educate an idiot. By the age of 15 from observing Uni students I knew this was not true, if the system is designed with them in mind it is quite easy to induce what passes for education. Then compound the problem by putting the product of that “education” into government departments because they have… Read more »

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