Truth Hertz: The Maddening March to Total Tyranny Continues (5-4-20)

Charlie talks about the pressing issues of today, including some recent developments regarding the resistance to ZOG’s lockdown.


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Charlie, another excellent show….im a huge fan and wish you did shows 7 days a week.


He got burned out doing too many shows before. That’s part of why he took that long break.


Hey Brian, you f***ing Canadian pussy – Charlie doesn’t have censors, he actually has free reign to say what he likes on his shows in case you didn’t notice. No faggot, don’t try that one on! We know exactly what you’ve been up to the whole time you’ve been calling Charlie every show & dragging him off-topic sometimes for 15-20mins+ in the past until people started calling you out on it ‘cos they were getting so damn sick of your bullsh*t! Again, Charlie doesn’t have censors so cut the sh*t! When people call in complaining that YOU are dragging him off-topic & taking up valuable time with your crap they are attacking YOU directly not Charlie so stop with the jewish projection you subversive pr*ck!… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

This is what these “heroes”, the UK police, do in their spare time when not hiding behind trees to fine covid “rule-breakers”. Don’t you just love these “people”?:

‘Police chief warns officers to stop prancing around in daft TikTok videos during coronavirus pandemic – or they could face misconduct charges’ – MailOnline (2 May 2020)

Thanks for the new show Charlie. Looking forward to listening to it.

S from Massachusetts

maybe they learned their moves from the dancing nurses and doctors in the USSA


Great show as usual Charlie, A guy called in about the term Motherf—–r. I have to agree. It sounds below gutter language. Wasn’t this term used only by blacks back in the day? But every other term you use is certainly okay by me, even welcomed.


Undoubtedly some Jewish yenta mother would be very upset you troll

Foster XL

Get a grip McBride. He said “But every other term you use is certainly okay by me, even welcomed. Do you have daughters McBride? I’m betting not. If so though do you use that slur around them? I’m betting not also if that is the case unless you’re the degenerate you present as. So the REAL question is – why are you trying to be so divisive here? In my book only a jewish troll or one of their little mind-controlled useful idiot minions would do that! So who’s the troll really? Yeah, we know 😉

Steve the bicyclist

The whole “cussing” thing is an interesting topic. Such as, “faggot” – originally a bundle of sticks, fascia. That “together we are strong” spirit, getting turned into a fag term. As if being weak is a strength! Or such as, “motherfucker” how else do women become mothers? As if that’s a bad thing! Can’t have kids unless we have sex! And, “fuck you” since when is sex a bad thing? (Since jews!) Calling people, genitals! Are genitals bad? It’s like baby-talk! You are poopoo head! I still remember Tabithas episode about cunts… I feel like there were missing pieces to that topic. Like how it got popular… The truly only good thing about our cuss words is the EMOTIVE FORCE behind those words! I think… Read more »

Foster XL

Steve the bicyclist said – Or such as, “motherfucker” how else do women become mothers? As if that’s a bad thing! Can’t have kids unless we have sex! Are you really that stupid or are you just that bad at being a “subversive”?! VERY obviously that term implies that you f**k your mother which is VERY obviously incest which is VERY obviously degenerate behavior of the highest order & along with treason should result in execution by rope/bullet/volcano “if found guilty in a court of Natural Law”. Obviously added that last part for the benefit of our “national security” types that track everything being said on websites like this but they should know that this is the only REAL law of any LAND/NATION. I should… Read more »

Foster XL

Obviously again I wasn’t referring to Charlie or anyone else simply using the term in that last comment in case anyone’s too stupid to get that 😉 Whether or not I condone the use of the word in everyday speech is a separate subject.

Steve the bicyclist

Perhaps I am that stupid for not considering the incest aspect of that cuss term.

My point was that cuss words are sexualized and thereby make sex into a bad thing subconsciously! (Lowering our numbers.)

They are just highly emotive words. Perhaps that’s why people cannot consider them rationally.

I’m not defending cussing and “crude” language but I am defending Charlies right to cuss!

I’m very sorry that I upset you Foster XL, please don’t throw me into the volcano.

Foster XL

How could you not consider the incest aspect of a cuss word that literally means the person it’s aimed at f***s their mother though? You actually expect us to believe that your interpretation about mothers simply needing sex to become mothers is a genuine observation about the use of this word & the reason you said that instead of discussing the literal meaning? I don’t actually think you’re that stupid which probably only leaves one other obvious option. Are you a troll who believes they are some kind of smart subversive? You certainly exhibit some traits that might set off silent warnings with some. If you are not, those traits don’t automatically delete themselves. Just an observation dude 😉 Again, the “right” to cuss or… Read more »

Steve the bicyclist

Who made you the volcano gatekeeper anyway? You seem to be trolling yourself. There are real problems to worry about. Arguing over cussing is pathetic! You missed the whole point of my comment, twice. (Hint: it’s about the fear of emotional content.. Not about having sex with your mother.) Therefore I will troll you back and shill for my perennial favorites…. Grow a garden yesterday! Plant trees last decade! Learn about edible wild plants yesterday! Learn the many ways to purify water. The sooner the better. Get edible wild plants field guides and learn about the sea of food that surrounds you. Considering all Charlie’s archeological posts, my bet is that WHITE people have done the edible wild food strategy before. Eat and run to… Read more »

Foster XL

Or maybe… you just need to make your “points” more on-point without all the confusion & clutter AND even doing yourself what you accuse others of whilst critiquing that behavior all through the same comment (see the above projection) 😉


“(((We))) haven’t lost yet…”

(((Fellow white man))) statement that actually implies we ARE going to lose at some stage? Wow! Steve that last wall of text contains screeds of classic cornered rat behavior, and projection as Foster mentioned also LOL! TJB always exposes itself eventually! Even if you’re not one you’re definitely acting like one! 😮