Truth Hertz: The Moshiach’s New World Order (4-13-20)

Charlie talks about the latest developments in the world and the ancient basis for it all, as jews seek to gain complete and total control of the entire world.

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Robert Heimdal
9 months ago

I wonder if all these stupid Trump-lovers are aware that their hero has given all powers to FEMA. I also wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that he has become “King of Israel”, no need to be the president of the US any longer, right?

Check the number of “executive orders” in the video below. If that is not mirroring what happened after the Bolshevik Revolution I don’t know what will.

‘REX 84, FEMA, Corona, Martial Law, The Actor in Chief SOLD US OUT!’ (April 14, 2020) by Hail Victory | BitChute

Reply to  Robert Heimdal
9 months ago

Robert, this video is really making the rounds….it is quite compelling listening to Trump’s “code speak” that you know the masses heard on the news and thought nothing of. I’m still trying to process all of this – kind of surreal, eh?

9 months ago

Charlie needs to know that germ theory is bull.

Vaccines are worse than bull.

9 months ago

are there show notes available? i was looking for a list of those verses you read.

6 months ago
6 months ago

Also Mr. copper came to an understanding “ET” was probably a government manufacturing

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