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adrian holliday
3 years ago

0:1:00 – Charles Giuliani meltdown! ; )

Reply to  adrian holliday
1 year ago


3 years ago

Creepy Joe Biden got his fake vaccine at exactly 3:22. 322….the good ole skull and bones number. And check out the National Guard spokesman when he makes a Freudian slip and says they will “attack” the health and safety of the American people.

3 years ago

Check this out, Charlie:

Lady Cat
Reply to  Zach
3 years ago

The video is on private now.

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

Frank Zappa was part of the Laurel Canyon crowd (i.e. the CIA’s counter-culture psy-op 5th column). From ‘Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon – Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream’ by Dave McGowan (2014):

Frank Zappa, another major mover and shaker of the Laurel Canyon scene, was certainly the raddest of the rad, so surely he couldn’t have had any connections to the military/intelligence complex… right? Not exactly. According to various accounts collected by McGowan, Zappa was a pro-military autocrat who didn’t really resonate with the counterculture’s peace and love vibe.”

Regardless, as Nietzsche stated in ‘Beyond Good & Evil’; “the devil, in effect, is the oldest friend of knowledge” so I suppose the point about Zappa was pertinent.

3 years ago

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”- Lenin Jews are running the opposition to the COVID-19 fake pandemic; There is a reason why Vernon Coleman, RFK Jr, ‘America’s Frontline Doctor’ , Andrew Kaufman etc are the most known individuals and/or groups within the truther circle when it comes to being the voice of opposition against the COVID-19 hoax. It’s because they’re all either jewish or has ties to jews and they are there to ensure that no real actions are taken against the perpetrators of this hoax. Sinhead has already done a good job of covering Kaufman and RFK Jr. Vernon Coleman for example have been on the scene for a long time and there’s a reason why he’s been… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Ursa
Reply to  Ursa
3 years ago

Good comment Ursa!

Now everyone should listen & watch out carefully for ALL the “alternative” media hosts who promote these people EVEN IF they criticize jews on their broadcasts. In fact those who heavily criticize jews & even get censored for doing so should be MORE suspect if they also push these shills as the main legitimate opposition (especially those who are christian or call themselves “the real israelites”)!

3 years ago

Whoever the caller was around the 56 minute mark, that was a superb and wise call, not that I agree with every single minute detail of what was said (always have to put that disclaimer in). I would like to hear more from him, will check back through some of the Truth Hertz archives.

Stephen Strickland
3 years ago

Anyone willingly injecting a designer poison into themselves and their children, admittedly of no benefit against the CV and that the CDC stated they can’t even prove exists, full of nano particles, polyethylene glycol (anti-freeze and rocket fuel additive), RNA and DNA altering compounds(gain of function(of your immune system) and fetal tissue among other damaging substances for a 99.8% survivable bad sniffles is insane. One clear warning is the expected and deliberate mass adverse reactions, sterility and death….CV-19 is just the cover story for the global eugenics program.

dedicated reader
Reply to  Stephen Strickland
3 years ago

Those who are willingly injecting or allowing such ‘vaccines’ for children, are not only crazy, but evil beyond words.

3 years ago

Adele was the first Communist anti-white Black Widow, kissing the Corona an all.

Screenshot_2021-01-05 Solveig ( Solveig1290) Twitter.png
Reply to  Solveig
3 years ago

Then Eivor.. Fell from Yggdrasil and became salty drift wood.

Screenshot_2021-01-05 Solveig ( Solveig1290) Twitter(1).png
Reply to  Solveig
3 years ago

I remember Eivor promoting gay pride etc. Sad 🙁

Reply to  Sinead
3 years ago

Adele does the same, her label Beggars group gives money to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP.

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