Truth Hertz: The Ongoing Agenda to Poison Everyone with Vaccines (5-26-20)

Charlie talks about how Bill Gates and co are working tirelessly to reach everyone in their world with their venom.

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Robert Heimdal

Let us not forget that motherf*ckers like Bill gates are not invincible. No matter how “well-planned” a future they have in store for us, they can also be taken by surprise:

Bill Gates Pie in Face video

Foster XL

That should’ve been a bullet & it would’ve been fully justified in his/her/its case as a public execution for Crimes Against Humanity.

Robert Heimdal

’90’s Cartoon Predict New World Order R.F.I.D Chip’ – BitChute

… complete with allusions to “evil-nazis” (concentration camps) and bible-duppery quotes. What else can one ask for? :-/

Robert Heimdal

Some people on social media are talking about David Dees having passed away (?!) [it really needs confirmation]. According to his metapedia entry he should be 63 by now. Pretty close to the obituary in fact, though the location doesn’t match since he is originally from Louisiana (check bio). I think it’s all a hoax though.,_David

[The comment goes in connection with the podcast’s card image]


I’m new to renegade. My wisest, engineer friend has been sending me links for a while. I like the episode, but allegedly the 2007 video about religious extremism & brain scans, was from a movie and has surfaced a few times in the past to be “debunked” I can’t fully confirm but definitely no Bill Gates in the video


Renegade Broadcasting. The only place to be.
I’m just waiting around now long enough to experience Hitler weather again. As one German Lady from His days expressed.
Back then she said every celebration and parade day the Sun would shine without fail so we called those times Hitler weather.4hcdc


Still using just “Mary”? As I’ve asked nicely already, please consider adding a “2” or an extra initial so others do not get confused over who made what comment. Been commenting here for years now & would rather not have the confusion. Thanks 🙂


I think that Mary should be called Mary Bot. Notice the random capitalization and random letters at the end?


Ah yes, you’re right! Plus the weird paragraphing. It all makes sense now. Are you able to edit comments after the fact from your end or maybe have the background software ban these things as you catch them so their comments don’t appear? I guess they just reappear later with a new random email address or something. Thanks jews!


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