Truth Hertz: The Real Story Behind the Apollo Program & Fake Moon Rocks (11-8-18)

Charlie talks about the reasons why the US government faked the Apollo missions and what they were really spending the money on. He then talks about all the bogus moon rocks.

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Jamie Dunkley

We really are running out of time, if we all don’t rise up and stop the small hats. We easily out number them but most people are too dumb down or scared to fight, it’s so sad. How long can we live like this before it’s too late.


Crisis acting from coast to coast. First she was in Orlando and now she’s in Thousand Oaks. Unbelievable!

Jamie Dunkley

It gets worse, check this out


I agree!
Flashback – Is this happy face the face of a grieving mother? Why is the media getting away with blatantly obvious fakery?


Harrison Hanks, the Ultimate Crisis Actor is back on YouTube – going for the guns takes subtlety:

Thin Albert

The alternative media has become cheerleaders for the neocons. 80-90% are critical of Democrats about 10-20% are critical of reps. All I hear is how Clintons are bad, but almost no mention of Bush’s 911, Iraq, Katrina and 2008 collapse. It’s as if Bush never existed and Clinton’s run everything, give me a break, Bush makes Clinton look like a Boy Scout. Alternative media is an extension of Fox News, nothing more….

We went to the moon, just like Chinese Arabs control our media. Freakin cookoo land…

Jim Dodson

The Clinton Family has been the ultimate US criminal political family of our time. Both Bill and Hillary had been pure evil. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be hung by a rope with Hillary. He was in on the planning of 9/11 that killed so many, many fellow-Americans to start a War in the Middle East. The Bush Family was also a criminal family from grandpa Bush to the current Bushes. Others who deserve a mention of prosecution and hung are Lyndon Johnson, HR Bush, Ronald Reagan, and basically every US president. They were all evil and loved the kill and play the game of stealing other countries resources. They were used very effectively by the CIA. By the way if we don’t… Read more »

Johnny Walker Read

The best analysis of the faked moon landing’s I have read.
“Wagging the Moon Doggie” by Dave MaGowan


And its very funny…… thumbs up got voted down again – yep great read !


No caps for lunar landings. Saw original footage on UTube showing a stage-hand stepping on the “moon”, and picking up something. Some say NASA produced “back-up” footage of the landings, in case the moon footage didn’t make it back through the Van Allen belt. But I’am and always were skeptical.


Listened to Part Two of the moon rocks and it reminded me of another White website where someone defended the moon landings. By the time the thread ended, neither side seemed to budge. You either eat it up or refuse it. Didn’t know they had petrified wood on the moon!