Truth Hertz: The Real Story of Rabbi Jesus and Mary Magdalene (9-30-19)

Charlie talks about how much evidence points to Jesus having had a wife – Mary Magdalene, a secret that was hidden through the ages.

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The caller Brian always takes away unncessary time from the show and he never stays on topic, i find that quite rude. It has become a habit of mine to just fast forward everytime he calls in.


On purpose I’m sure. He’s also referring to a child as a “bitch”. What a psycho.


Brian is always ingratiating himself with Charlie, calling him ‘old buddy’, like he has some special assiciation with him.. I suspect Charlie feels the cloying falseness of this yet deals with it like a trooper. Charles is really an admirable man.. When he is wrong he has the decency to admit that he’s wrong. That time he called one obnixious caller a “Jew CUNT” on the Oracle network was pure gold. A great man.


We know that she is deceiving masses of people and afaik she is 16? At which age can one call someone like that a female dog? After seeing her “emotional speech” (the you’ve stolen my dreams one) I have no doubt left that she is deceitful on purpose and doesn’t believe in what she is saying, she is completely acting. Don’t you think you are a bit soft on her by calling Brian a psychopath and her a child? I don’t know Brian but calling her a psychopath instead I could rather get behind given the informations. Other than that and more importantly I haven’t found anything concerning the 45 million $ her family allegedly has gotten by their scams. Anyone knows anything about that… Read more »

Foster XL

Did you listen to the show? He used the word repeatedly in a short space of time & it came across as emphasised. I hate what she’s doing with a passion too but personally would never talk about a 16yr old girl this way. It was definitely unwarranted & revealed a little more about his true personality. And whether you like it or not a 16yr old is a child – only a child rapist or psycho would think or say otherwise. Brian “from Canada” is definitely one of the most annoying callers out there & always says crap like “anyway buddy, I don’t want to take up too much of your time…” as he takes up too much of Charles’ time with off-topic blather.… Read more »


Given that I quoted stuff out of the show should have given you a hint that I listened to it, apparently it didn’t. I don’t know in what world you are living to call a 16 year old a child. We got 12-14 year olds gang raping adult women where I live. If these pieces of shit are old enough to rape, they are old enough to hang or burn and I wouldn’t give a fuck if they were 8 years old either, they’d still receive that same treatment from me. If I saw you complaining with your softness and I was in command I would grill you right along with them, no offense but it would be for the betterment of mankind. She isn’t… Read more »

Foster XL

Good one Shaun, spoken like a true nutjob 😉 The downvotes bother you do they? Awww poor widdle boy. “…and I was in command…” LMFAO! Of what? Some of us out here have actually served & believe me when I say that keyboard commandos like you with all your tough words, that’s right “words”, wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a real life “command” structure let alone get anywhere near the top of it you pathetic idiot. Now get on your bike & go avoid getting hit by kangaroos ‘cos that’s obviously the only action you’ve ever seen loser! LOL!

Mass Resistance

Great info as always. Thanks!

Mount of Olives “70 nation Noahic Covenant Renewal” Animal Sacrifice!


I left a few choice comments there…

One-Eyed Faust

Philistines—The Jews’ Ancient Enemies—Were Europeans, DNA Confirms:

This 1958 book is the most honest look at Judaism/world Jewry you will ever find. I recommend it to all. Link to free PDF.
“The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals” – Louis Marschalko


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enjoy.. vey

Jonah Weiselstein