Truth Hertz: The Royal Blood of King Jesus (9-16-19)

Charlie talks about how the story of Jesus from the Bible needs to be understood in terms of Egyptian royal lineage.

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Ralph Ellis is the author that Charlie could not remember regarding the Jesus connection to Egypt. I highly recommend all of the Ellis books.

Foster XL

Thanks Urban. I heard of this guy a while ago but never read his books.


Thanks to you and Charles, I’ve been binge reading and YouTube watching everything Ralph Ellis in every free minute. Finally everything ties together neatly – from astrotheology to Josephus to hyksos to Rome to…

I can’t thank you enough for the reading recommendation, and Renegade Broadcasting for featuring Truth Hertz.

Robert Heimdal

Thanks for another excellent show Charlie. I always took some pride on the fact that Cleopatra was “European” and not black as some “we-wuz-kangz” self-deceivers claim her to be. What an unpleasant surprise to find out that she was probably of Hyksosian decent. These photos seem to point in that particular direction. A suspicious nose there I’d say:

comment image

comment image

One-Eyed Faust

I often dismissed mainstream news reports that sought to discredit DNA evidence proving that Tut was European. If really did have any a sufficient amount of Aryan DNA, maybe it came from mixing with the royal bloodline? When it comes to some Christians, particularly White nationalists who think real jews were White, I wonder when the Egyptian royalty became deracinated to the point where they were no longer White? Christian in White nationalist circles who don’t understand that Islam and Christianity are frauds, they compare jews with Canaanites who happened to control Egypt during the 14th dynasty before the Hyksos took over and formed the 15th dynasty. Unrelated: Descriptions of Goliath being 9 feet tall could mean that had Cro-Magnon DNA. If giganticism, though rare,… Read more »

One-Eyed Faust

How do you do that “content image” thing?


Ceasarion sent in exile to India after the death of his father would explain the st Issa/Jesus in India myths. Hyksos prince sent for safety and training to the land of the Azura/Ahura mercantile tribe’s origin… “King of kings” a fitting title as he was of Egyptian, Roman, Ptolemaic Greek and of course Hyksos-jew ‘royal’ descent.

An extremely interesting show yet again, thank you Charles and Renegade Broadcasting!

Johnny Walker Read

Another “eye opener” Charles.

Mass Resistance

In a word, wow.