Truth Hertz: The Semitic Shasu & Sacred Geometry of the Solar System (8-2-18)

Charlie talks about the Semitic-speaking Shasu, nomadic cattle herders during the late Bronze Age, then he gets into how some of the numbers and relationships within the solar system show a remarkable pattern.

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It’s funny how Kyle entertained Charlie’s deluded NASA numbers about all the planet orbits and such. What a sport. Charlie, as a very big fan of yours, I say this with the utmost respect: you should practice what you preach about being open minded. You are intolerant on 3 subjects that in your level of awakening, you should have been beyond keen on, and it really bugs me that you are still stuck in the mud and confused on the subject, when you are literally apart of a website that has covered these 3 subjects ad infinitum, yet you still are too stubborn to look objectively at them. These 3 subjects are racial difference, NS Germany being jewish agents/jews themselves, and the NASA bologna that… Read more »

Foster XL

Yes, I’ve really enjoyed much of what Charlie’s put out over the years, especially about religion, but sometimes he just says stuff that makes me go “Whaaaaa…?”. When he can get 1 or 2 important things so wrong it makes you wonder just how much of his other work is actually way off the mark & it’s this that has made me stop listening from time to time. Several times I’ve heard him come back in a later show & apologise for getting things completely wrong which is honest but exposes major holes in his research on certain subjects. Charlie can be one of the most entertaining hosts you’ll hear & it sounds like he’s woken to 1 or 2 things just since being around… Read more »


Yeah, like I said, it’s with utmost respect that I even said anything. I enjoy him immensely. But enough is enough.


Exactly what I was going to say,I await your book Charles because I’m sure not many know that subject better than you,but you are def no expert on ww1&2 or flat earth,and denigrading those that have done their homework brings your good work into question,I heard the broadcast where Kyle interjected to set you straight on hitler and you showed great humility in not challenging him,this made me confident you will eventually arrive at the same place I have re the subject,you’re still the most listenable and entertaining character on renegade.


I don’t understand how he can’t get racial differences. It doesn’t take much to notice them, especially if you live ever live around non-whites, blacks especially. The Jews themselves write in their own words time and time again about race and that they are trying to destroy the white/Aryan race as it is the most dangerous to them. The Jews get the race issue, why can’t our own people? Jews are absolutely obsessed with race and they have all the money in the world to spend on racial science that they keep to themselves and don’t share with anyone else. Grady, would you say Hitler was an agent? I’ve had my suspicions and I saw a video with a tombstone in Europe that had the… Read more »


He is a liberal. He doesn’t ever go into racial differences. Ever. Not even an acknowledgment of it. Was Hitler an agent? You must be new to this site and this topic if you are actually being serious.


Agreed 100 %. To me its even more obvious as far as geo – centrism is concerned. Nature simply does not contradict itself. If I see the sun move across the sky it simply is the sun moving, not us. Just about everything is a lie…..scary shit !


Spot on Grady, Foster and Max. I just had to shut that shit down. I really can’t listen to it anymore. Ass-tronomy is pure bullshit. They tell us the earth orbits the sun at a speed of 66,600 mph. Pray tell where they came up with that nonsense number. And they tell us the curvature of the earth is 666 feet per square mile. Oh, brother. I’ll listen to Charlie bashing the Bi-bull any day of the year, but when he talks nonsense, it’s time to walk the dogs.


Yeah, I’ve been a follower of his since Oracle, but he’s really jumping the shark with his constant bullheadedness.


Bingo. Literally E V E R Y T H I N G we have been told in school (with the exception of simple math and grammar) is a total and utter lie. Even the times and dates given for all of these events that mainstream history has laid out for us is questionable. Anything outside of your grandparents’ lifespan is questionable. I don’t trust a single goddamned thing that is told to us.

wolf GT

“I don’t trust a single goddamned thing that is told to us.” Great !You´re not supposed to. That was a problem , we trusted all too much of what we learnt at school, they even told us something about an infallable fact and number- somthing about 6 000 000!!!.I thought Charlie gave us a geat show. Remember everything is “food for thought”.


I think it should be said that MOST people i’ve encountered have been completely clueless or wrong on important topics, including myself at times. And if most of those people spent several hours a week speaking their mind, those fallacies are bound to come out. And it’s probably safe to say that a decent fraction of those who claim superior knowledge and can demonstrate their intellect in various ways are still ignorant on some important issues.

Bill Bolwell

The heavy part of the moon eg. metal core may be off centre (or there may be lighter section or a void, on the opposite lighter outer side), causing the face to be heavier on that side of the moon,causing the side to be closer hence always face the planet eg. earth

Bill Bolwell

The same for venus (?) when near earth. My family were just reading about venus day>year for first time, when your post matched it.

Bill Bolwell page 36 says WTC buildings condemned 1989 had to be demolished by 2007.

Bill Bolwell

Looked up the 108, it is pretty acurate. My theory about the moon facing the earth with the same side, is that the side facing the earth is heavier, sinking toward the earth. That would explain other moons doing it. The angular momentum is rotational momentum, like a spinning top that falls over when it stops, but stays up when spinng, or a spinning bycle wheel is hard to turn, or the fact it easy to stay up on a rolling bike etc. When I studied some physics in 1973 they showed us a video of three gyroscopes attached to a board that lifted. The vertical added and the horizontal cancelled. Over the years I wondered about it and eg. flying saucers. Nobody cared. Then… Read more »