Truth Hertz: The Spirit is Reborn to Worship Yahweh (11-18-19)

Charlie talks about how the purpose of redemption is actually Yahweh’s selfish desire to have souls worship him day and night, for ever and ever.

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I share Charlie’s passion about exposing this unholy book because I too was once a “Bible dupe” who can now see through the bullshit. This “god” can in no way be called good and is in fact the very evil he accuses other of.

Jan Swinnen

‘a happy ending massage’ 01:49:20 lol Charlie, it’s getting really graphic now with that great prick in the sky.

Curt Beasley

Jesus can go fuck himself and that goes double for his daddy. Hail Odin! Hail Hekate!


Aten/Adon/Odin/yahwe… All sungods with a killed son who is to return from the dead, all “wise” gods whose wisdom is but platitudes with a generous sprinkling of misogyny and paranoia. The Jews (ashekanzi/aesir/Azerbaijani) had their presence everywhere, thanks to the seafaring skills of the Danoi (Greeks), just look at all the legends of peoples who claimed their ruling classes came from “Troy”? I mention Azerbaijan as aesir origin due to the work of Thor Heyerdahl ( yes he of kon tiki expedition fame), who postulated that the aesir were Azerbaijanis who suppressed by force the native swedes (vanir, the peaceful nature-harmony people). A look at the Azerbaijani artwork of ships and people shows it to be identical to early Scandinavian depictions – identical, not somewhat… Read more »


Article about Heyerdahl’s research into Azerbaijan as origin of the Aesir


Please pardon my numerous replies! I just wanted to add that the author of the above article is obviously a multicultural moron with an agenda but there are still interesting tidbits from Heyerdahl’s research mentioned.


Thanks for saying that here Selma. Those who just go around saying “Hail Odin!” thinking this connects them to their “pagan” ancestry without even researching the subject in any depth mostly have no real idea what they’re doing. Those who do it whilst chanting “Fuck Jesus/God!” also sound a little suspect to me. Don’t get me wrong though, I hate christianity as much as any other organized religion but jews will say they hate it way more publicly than me when it suits them to. Worshipping or hailing a God/Deity/Higher Being is the part I never felt comfortable with whenever I looked at ALL the religions including the pre-Christian ones. I once heard someone say that the pure definition of a psychopath is one who… Read more »


Well said, Mary!

curt beasley

Well thanks for ruining a fun and lighthearted post. Im not sure if you are some kind of fact check police or just feeling argumentative today. The egregore that the Jesus archetype has become really can go fuck himself and if you don’t like it, you can go fuck yourself as well. As for Odin, I was just dumbing things down for the muh Asatru crowd. I abandoned my Norse practice a while back. For several reasons. The Christian authorship of the texts being one. The fact that I wasn’t getting any results from workings and rites another. But mostly because I realized that Neoplatonism and Hermeticism were far more elegant and practical. And that’s all im really interested in, performing a rite and then… Read more »


“As for Odin, I was just dumbing things down for the muh Asatru crowd.”

You’ve succeeded. This all sounds dumb.


Yes it does & as if “muh Asatru crowd” hangs out here anyway. Thanks for showing your true colors “curt beasley” – the “rite” I performed got pretty quick “results”! 😉


Mary casts “Troll Reveal.” It’s super effective!


LOL@LampLighter 😉


Renegade is definitely not the place to find a dumbed down discussion. I doubt the troll listened to a single radio episode or read a single tribune article – if he had, he would have noticed that he was not in the company of asatruar, dumbed down or otherwise. And Hecate? I didn’t know wicca is still in fashion, usually jew-sprung fads don’t last longer than a few Hollywood movies and a TV show. ( I am aware of the whole Gerald Gardner et al claimed origins of wicca, so don’t bother giving a lecture about your “rites” fetish, Curt.)


As for Odin, buddha, or whatever fantasy one wants to worship is as ridiculous as worshiping yahweh, the jews understand not to worship any external deity , those who do are dumbasses and deserve to be controlled.