Truth Hertz: The Strange Death of Hale Boggs (1-18-16)

(WX18) WASHINGTON, April 6 - ASKS OUSTER OF HOOVER - House Democratic Leader Hale Boggs of Louisianan appears today at a Capitol Hill news conference to elaborate on his speech Monday demanding that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover resign or be fired.  (AP Wirephoto)(rh31750stf-cpg) 1971.   StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on  Tue Aug 10 14:51:01 2010

Charles discusses the death of politician Hale Boggs and his role in the Warren Commission. Charles then moves on to Jackie O being the murderer of JFK.

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5 years ago

Who or Whom drove Hale Boggs to the Airport? Slick Bill Clinton, just couldn’t wait to do “Their” bidding!

5 years ago

@ Weiss

Why doesn’t that make sense?

5 years ago

I think what Bill Cooper said was correct . Greer shot JFK. Point blank. Left hand over right shoulder . Governor Connelly deliberately leaned back on to his wife to give Greer a clear shot . There is no indication in the Zapruder film of Jackie shooting her husband. There are some people who do say that JFK was not killed and that it was a staged event . I’m not sure I’m buying that one .

mrs doris dittman
5 years ago

this theory defies logic,,do you really think jackie would try this with all the people watching ,, not knowing who is filming,,who could be that cool ,,and precise ,,maybe james bond ,,but not a woman in a pink dress that has never worked a day in her life ,,in fact its foolishly ridiculous,,should we follow the money trail to find out who’s making a buck on this ,,

5 years ago

Wow Charlie! I have respect for your intellect, but this Jackie thing made me loose a little respect for you, The real truth is the whole thing was a media psi-op like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing etc.. The Bigger the lie the more people will believe it. I cant understand why the people that can see that they are “FAKING HISTORY” in the media now, cant see that they may have done the same with past historical events. (sigh) Jackie was a Jewess, I have heard that the Kennedy’s may have been crypto Irish Jews, but I dont think so myself, some Irish goyim didn’t mind collaborating with the tribe, some helped the Jews with the 29 stock market fraud, Kennedy’s Father was one of… Read more »

Juden Raus
5 years ago

When you really want the truth, you have to let go of cherished beliefs. – Charles Giuliani

Now that is one true statement.

5 years ago

i know you’re gone now, but, did you know that J.E. Hoover was black!!!!?

Juden Raus
5 years ago

Giuliani’s analysis of Jackie O being the trigger puller makes perfect sense. I watched the video of the shooting on mute over and over as I listened to Charles. His interpretation makes more sense than anything else I’ve ever heard.

5 years ago

Jackie’s reactions were pretty damned strange. I can’t remember seeing any bullet holes in the car. Seems to me pretty plausible that Jackie pulled the trigger. If any witnesses don’t buy the official story; just convince them that they “misremembered” or bump them off.

They pulled off the Kennedy assassination in plain view. A few years later they did the same thing with 9/11.

Did hear a theory that it was only a squib that was detonated and that Kennedy was never shot and that the “head wound” was added in as some kind of special effect to the Zapruder film… who knows!

Herta Weiss
5 years ago

Well. As for Jackie O that makes no sense at all an is ridiculous

5 years ago

Hi charles, i tried to call in but got another man, who hung up because i told him i wasn’t looking for him!!!!

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