Truth Hertz: The Subversion and Destruction of China at the End of the Bronze Age (5-16-18)

Charlie talks about how China was not isolated from the rest of the world during the Bronze Age, the subversion and infiltration of the Chinese government, and how China was destroyed just like other trading empires as the Bronze Age came to a close.

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If what Charles has been saying over the past couple shows is true, and I do believe him. I’m just floored that the tribe have not only been able to get away with but to repeat time and again the destruction of other peoples in their quest of a JWO.
We must put a stop to them, to use their phrase, by any means necessary! We have so much to be vengeful for and so many wrongs to right.

Thanks Charles.


Fascinating research. Thanks for your work, Charles.


Great show as always. What Jews paint as evolution is obviously devolution. I can’t begin to imagine how amazing humanity must have been before things went south. And the idea that writing is a setback rather than progress is something I’ve always suspected. It’s why the Abrahamic religions call themselves the People Of The Book…the first programming manual and an impediment to holistic thinking. Observation of the natural world without having to consult some dead words on a page seems to be more sane. But then their god is the written word. In the beginning was the word and the word was god. Silence seems closer to god than blabber.


And speech seems to also be devolution from telepathy.
It has gotten to the point where I feel more comfortable writting to people than talking to them. That’s not good.


Speech is definitely a limited form of communication. I imagine dreams are what we still have of telepathy. Visions tied to emotion.

Sean G