Truth Hertz: The Truth About the Spanish Flu (9-8-20)

Charlie talks about the Spanish flu of 1918-1920 and how it relates to what is happening today.

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16 days ago

The VAXX Report (2020) -Compiled by Charles Giuliani- Free PDF | Renegade Tribune
or else type the words “vaxx” or “report” in search.

Nick keith
18 days ago

There’s plenty of information explaining how we do NOT and can not catch viruses. It’s your responsibility as “Adults” to look into this very important information or laugh and continue living in the echo chamber. Companies are more scared of the goverment than Germ theory. Biochemistry debunks Corona. Diseases are real but to say its caused by an invisible bug is a pathetic attempt to explain something away. Much like saying if you cant explain something it must be an act of god lol also invisible. Its the terrain not a germ theory. Stress, overworking, not being physical, not sleeping, smoking, drinking, eating garbage, drinking garbage, breathing garbage, radiation poisoning, vaccines has nothing to do with it right? Billionaires dont want to be held accountable… Read more »

Nick keith
18 days ago

My youtube channel Renegadebroadcasting com
Has videos titled Germ theory.
Hope you check em out. Your the best Charlie!!! You make my day!

Nick keith
18 days ago

Send this to a bible dupe! I understand and am at peace now. Looks like your prayers were answered. I see now that its willful blindness on your part. You choose to give yourself over to the spirit of deception because the truth is horrifying so you would rather commit intellectual suicide and discard all logic just so you can remain undisturbed and continue to stroll blissfully along in your own stupor. Being at peace with the world and the people around you is more important than anything. Bottom line it all comes down to cowardice. Then again if I didnt have eternal life and this was the only exsistance I knew of Id be a coward also. Afraid to face reality. Afraid to lose… Read more »

Nick keith
18 days ago

In 1938 the electron microscope was invented so we could see the earth as a ball for the first time. See what Im sayin. How much does an electron microscope cost? How many yrs of school and debt must I acquire to look into one or better yet make one?

Craig Jones
12 days ago

No evidence viruses cause ANY diseases…all a plan to sell vaccines that harm or kill us, our dogs, and others…none have EVER been isolated to cause any disease, from polio to AIDS…

15 days ago

At 1:16:07 Charlie says (((they))) lack intelligent, but that’s not true, just look at how (((they))) managed to subvert the world, at the movement (((they))) have managed to completely enslave the whole world, this has been (((their))) plan for so long, atleast from the times of Hyksos, just take a look at how strategically (((they))) worked on (((their))) plan, so it is false to claim that (((they))) lack intelligent, even Ernst Zundel once said that Hitler thought even the best mimd of German at that time “Hjalmar Schacht” could not outfox the jews.

(((They))) are not even humans but some alien entity from a different planet according to a Raabi.

Reply to  Topic
13 days ago

He actually said “…the only thing they’re intelligent at is fucking people over & ripping them off & killing them…” When he said they “…lack intelligence…” he was obviously speaking collectively about any kind of “good” intelligence or intelligence that might be used for “good” in general. To support this Charlie has also said on occasion for example that we ALL obviously possess degrees of intelligence but it’s how we decide to use it that determines the level or quality of that intelligence. On another occasion he mentioned that we all have similar sized brains that are capable of intelligent thought but that doesn’t mean we all USE our brain the way it could be used. The bottom line is that even if they have… Read more »

Last edited 13 days ago by Mary
Gene Anderson
12 days ago

I think this website is wonderful. We all need to prepare for racial extermination. If we do not educate our race they will parish soon. The fact is the U.S. is behind all massive scale operations for 2030

Reply to  Gene Anderson
12 days ago

We all need to prepare for racial extermination.

More defeatist crap from a new commenter saying they love the website. Fuck off! No defending this comment because a strong white person would’ve definitely worded it differently.

Gene Anderson
Reply to  Mary
10 days ago

Zionist have all the power around the globe in government,military,finance and fake religion. What you have is reptile brain that will be exterminated along with the rest of the White-Trash that offer no solution with their fist nor mouth.

Reply to  Gene Anderson
9 days ago

We’ll see hasbarat! 😉

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