Truth Hertz: The Worldwide War on Humanity (4-14-20)

Charlie talks about a number of topics related to the big power play taking place, including the 5G connection to all of this and FEMA taking power.

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I’m only around the 10 minute mark so I’m only going to comment right now that I just looked up that WHO thing, and apparently that’s Lady Gaga because from what I read on that webpage she along with many other Jew-wood pop or rock ‘stars’ are doing a TV and radio concert this Saturday. I’m almost certain ‘Lady Gaga’ is a jew herself just from looking at her.


One of the other main so called “artist” that will be performing for the “one world” bullshit is the crazy looking Billie Ellish. This is someone that just blew up over night and rose to popularity out of nowhere. She is as you would expect, corrupting the mind of the young with her filth that the jews like to portray as “music”. According to wiki she is supposedly of Irish and Scottish heritage but I call bullshit on that. Since when do jews allow a “gentile” rise to popularity that quickly? Specially someone who is White? Looking at her genealogy, we do not have to dive too deep to find a jewish connection. Even though there is little information about her grandparents, here is what… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Not that it really matters that much at this point anyway:

‘Bill Gates’ Microsoft Cancel Marina Abramovic Campaign After People Flood Video Calling Her Out As a Satanist’ (April 14, 2020)

Foster XL

Here’s the perfect example of why these trumptarded protesters are SUCH FUCKING IDIOTS!

Robert Heimdal

Yes I DO. It’s beyond creepy:

robertfkennedyjr – Instagram.
Three questions:
1. Why does #BillGates consider vaccine safety a “bad thing?” 2. How did the world’s second richest man land the job of dictating world health policy with no election, no appointment, no oversight and no accountability? 3. Does anybody else think this is creepy?

Robert Heimdal

The time to act is NOW. Thanks Charlie for the show.

‘COVID – LOCKDOWN – GLOBAL BANKRUPTCY – the PLAN’ (April 13, 2020) by


In case there is any question as to what tribe Gates belongs to: Israel Gates – Joseph Stanton Gates – William Henry Gates- William Henry Gates – William Henry Gates – William Henry Bill Gates

adrian holliday

Trumps crazed incoherent mental gymnastics in je-vv York lingo is as if debating passages from the Talmud along with his over active right arm speech he should start shuckling as well… you can tell what company he has spent the best part of his life with!

Borg 7of 9

The litmus test is , it wouldn’t get spun at all in the jews news if it was true opposition . Unless it was advantageous , alas : ) operation gullible goyim .


I know I’m not the first to touch on the whole “karma” concept. Towards the end of Charlie’s broadcast (1:38:30) where he is discussing Trump’s briefing remarks from mid-March – how he is saying much with little words, talking in a sort of “code” speak. It makes me think of how we hear they have to tell us what they are doing. I don’t know what I think of that concept but between the pre-programming and Trump’s code-speak babble, there is something to be said for this karma concept and I don’t discount it. It’s just too bad it’s only the same people who tend to pick up on this, and it’s not nearly enough of us picking up on it considering how many claim… Read more »

Borg 7of 9
Troll Slayer

Fuck the ZOG! and their fake virus tyrannical scam! We will mot capitulate!!!

Borg 7of 9

Complete with trumptards ( at least there is some resistance )

Foster XL

It’s pretty obvious this has been organised by people who are either agent provocateurs or just plain stupid when it comes to what real “freedom” is all about. Not to say a lot of well-meaning people won’t get caught up in it as usual but this just looks terrible on too many levels to me! The general idea is good but the execution with all the Trumptardism & cliche ‘Muhrican Freedum stuff just turns it into a circus that turns a LOT of people off. Such a great opportunity wasted! And then of course there’s all the jews in the comments stirring up shit calling these people selfish assholes talking about their “uncles” who are doctors saving people’s lives from Covid AND whose own whole… Read more »

Foster XL

Looking further down that Twit hole this is actually really BAD! The whole thing is being turned into a massive Right vs Left divide & conquer and all these people are falling for it JUST LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE! Why are so many people SO blind to the fact that BOTH sides are the enemy?! And that speech by ACTOR Jon Voight was fucking disgusting! I’ll bet Angelina’s dad fooled A LOT of people with that one! Sigh…..

Borg 7of 9