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8 years ago

great show charlie. That first caller really needs serious mental help. Definitely the same called that called your show before to troll. and when you were on oracle too. lol He is freakin SICK. lol Despite the fact that he doesnt like what you have to say obviously he listens to your show regularly. And then he says your friends are jew beause you never read the bible??? LOL trace his number and quickly get him serious intensive mental help before he hurts himself or someone else. LOL what a loser. Great show charlie keep exposing the truth.

8 years ago

Hi Charles I have listened to some of your shows and I like how you use Christianity itself to refute that religion. I noticed you are interested in Bavarian Illuminati and Freemasonry, so I want to share this e book download with you. Its the original degree system of the Bavarian Illuminati Order.

The Secret School of Wisdom

8 years ago

Your shows are really excellent! Thank you very much Charles!

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