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3 years ago

I have to agree with Miles Mathis’s article that JFK’ s death was faked.The whole Kennedy clan are rottenand always have been.Dont forget they’re all liars.

3 years ago

Where’s “Emma” to bitch about how Charlie talked about controlled opposition? Oh wait, that’s only when I do it. Never mind!

Reply to  Sinead
3 years ago

Hmmm, funny that! 😉

3 years ago

whoever the first lady was the call in was a fucking idiot LOL didn’t understand a word she said.

3 years ago

this is bullshit because there s no virus and the whole paradigm about virus ands the fact the infect anything is lost into the pile of “shit that we were wrong about”. go see for yourself. the symptoms happen to reflect the symptoms fo almost anything the body does its thing to removes toxins from itself. So you suggest that people might experience said symptoms and low and behold some people will !!! imagine that !. The idea that an invisible cloud of death is floating around and killing certain people that never happen to be around for anyone to see. Its an a-front to the universe or “god” that would allow such a possibility to exist we wold have been dead thousands of years… Read more »

Reply to  Sean
3 years ago

Good comment. Yes, Pasteur was a fraud and knowingly murdered people.The governments, history, educational institutions, all lies and fraud.

Steven Fahey
Reply to  Sean
3 years ago

Right on!

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