Truth Hertz: They Love to Lie to Us, Heebs and Hyksos (8-5-19)

Charlie talks about the recent staged shootings and takes some calls, then gets into the last part of his notes about the connections between Egyptian figures and Biblical characters.

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The mainstream argument that the bull represented Taurus and the ram Aries, and thus indicates the antiquity of Moses and Abraham, is more deliberate obfuscation of chronology. The argument is based on precession of the equinox which falls apart as a theory when considered that a 1 degree shift supposedly occurs in the zodiac every 72 years. If that was true, old sundials would be useless, medieval and earlier buildings oriented to equinox sunrises would not line up with their intended targets. We are to trust academia on precession as a fact and a dating tool, because who of us will live long enough to actually observe sunrises for 72 years! How convenient for those who have a stake in hiding and falsifying their history,… Read more »

Brave New World


What do you think of Robert Sepehr’s presentation on the Tartarian empire? Dugin’s Eurasianism is definitely anti-White, while Robert Sepehr in the video brings up the Aryan mummies found in Xinjiang, China.

The original video can be found on Youtube and Atlantean Gardens blogspot.

Charlie’s presentation on the jew’s bronze age subversion of China:

The west part of China was conquered much later by the Han Chinese during the Tang dynasty.

Robert Heimdal

Please Charlie; don’t complain about the weather in your area being too lousy anymore. Here we have people dying of hyperthermia (I might well be the next victim, no kidding). Europe is being literary fried like a burrito.

Anyway, great show as always man. Enjoying every minute of it. Keep the good work exposing those hyksosian proto-heeb bastards.

In the end all truth will be revealed.


“fried like a burrito” – right NOW in Summer….what do you expect?

In Winter, Europe has been/ is frozen like , sub-zero weather, though. In the last few years. And so has Japan. It is Winter, after all.

But there has been strange weather worldwide. In different areas, in the last few weeks, in places that should be hot, in summer, there has been snow…in Texas, in the Mideast. There has been floods in Europe, and Earthquakes in Germany, in places that haven’t had them in ages.


Charlie, I agree with about 80% of what you say. But god Damn -What an awesome 80%! Thankyou
As far as Brian goes, he really is more of a distraction than anything else. I find him to be narcissistic and self promoting in that almost anything he says could easily be communicated in an email or personal call. Very rarely is he on topic.


You’re right Brian is seldom on-topic and he does shill for his site, but I found his last two calls pretty interesting and think he should be on some time as CG’s guest. Superior to meandering fact-free callers of the past like eg Stefanie in Noo Yoik.

Mass Resistance

This knowledge is invaluable, the delivery was spectacular and the call-ins were great! No one can do a rant like Giuliani! I often listen to these pods more than once to let it all sink in.


way low volume on this one – I had both the Windows & Player volume at 100%, still too low.


I may have to amend that “low volume” comment – as I’ve continued to surf my usual pods/vids, finding low volume prob again & again! :'(

Windoze forced me to update overnight, & since, been finding various unwanted changes. Another forced, FUBAR Windoze update. MSFT is evil.


confirm amendment above – finally rebooted. Pre-reboot Windows vol was definitely 100% as I checked it over & over trying to troubleshoot.

Box came back from reboot; first thing I checked was Win sys volume, & it was 60% ?!?

So thinking pre reboot, is was actually running @ 60% even as it indicated 100%. Anyways Charlie’s show sounds fine now. 🙂

The Bull

Who’s the guy that called at the beginning of the show and what’s his website?


The guy’s name is Brian. He’s an old troofer who’s been ringing Charlie for years who always talks about all the standard troofer subjects, usually for way too long & often taking Charlie away from the main topic. He won’t tell you anything you haven’t already heard before if you’re sharp & he still promotes shills like Mike Adams (even does it on this show). He’s no real fan of Renegade either but just followed Charlie here (as per most boring old troofers). I remember him ringing in when Charlie came back to Renegade saying “What made you choose THIS network (as opposed to other options)”. It was obvious he didn’t really like the fact that Charlie was associating with Renegade even though they’re the… Read more »

Brave New World

Out of a total of 2 hours, plus short break, his conversations with Charles aren’t very long. The reason why I think some people have a problem with Renegade is a few things: 1. They are estranged by the whole JQ and not knowing a lot about National Socialism beyond what they were told in school and in the media. 2. If they are already aware of the JQ, they could simply disagree with the ideology of National Socialism or perhaps feel that Renegade is very opinionated and rigid towards views that may differ from their own, even if it is simply a difference in approach or how something should be conducted to achieve the goal of implementing said ideology or similar ideology into practice.… Read more »

The Bull

I have not checked out your link, but I think you are spot on in your assessments.

The Bull

I was just wanting to know who he is. There is no need to jump to conclusions on my motivations.


I didn’t “jump to conclusions”. I’ve been listening to Charlie since he first appeared on the net (well before he started here on Renegade) so my comments were based on a history of actual observation & hearing this guy ring in to Charlie’s shows over the years. I’ve looked at his website a few times & I’ve even heard him comment elsewhere so I know what I’m talking about. Contrary to what “Brave New World” says above “Brian” has derailed Charlie’s shows several times in the past by coming on & hanging around for ages taking the conversation way off topic. It was always worse when it seemed Charlie was dealing with a particularly contentious issue & when he was dropping bombs right on target.… Read more »

The Bull

All I wanted to know was who this guy was, does not mean I agree with him. I had no idea about him. I listen to shows when I can. I agree with almost all that Renegade does and will continue to support them. I just don’t have the time to listen to every show and to know about every caller that calls into shows. This is all I was trying to convey.

Brave New World

I’ve read your reply, thank you for the clarification.