Truth Hertz: They’re Only Getting Warmed Up (8-24-20)

Charlie covers current events, such as geopolitics, corona craziness, BLM and antifa chaos, child predators and more.

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26 days ago

@sinead – no doubt – the whole Kennedy family are nothing but a bag of Jews.
And even for some small chance they are not Jews – they are Jews by association. Guilty.
Jew Mob.
Lay with dogs.

6 days ago

like charlie, first time listening in. excellent guy passionate as well

Last edited 6 days ago by Mr.Bond1423
27 days ago

I fear for Robert Kennedy Jr.’s life

Reply to  morgus
26 days ago

I don’t. He’s an anti White limited hangout. Not a threat.comment image
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Last edited 26 days ago by Sinead
Johnny Walker Read
Reply to  Sinead
26 days ago

Yup, another Zio-shill. Also, nobody died in Dealy Plaza that day. Just another “made for TV drama. Miles Mathis is correct on Dealy Plaza crap, but I still find it very possible JFK was taken out by CIA. Motive? Just research Public Law 87-297(which hands over American military to UN control.

Zapruder film hoax.

Last edited 26 days ago by Johnny Walker Read
Reply to  Johnny Walker Read
26 days ago

RFK states in was the CIA that took out JFK and his father but won’t mention the mossad and is living it up in israel.

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