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3 years ago

I fear for Robert Kennedy Jr.’s life

Reply to  morgus
3 years ago

I don’t. He’s an anti White limited hangout. Not a threat.comment image
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Last edited 3 years ago by Sinead
Johnny Walker Read
Reply to  Sinead
3 years ago

Yup, another Zio-shill. Also, nobody died in Dealy Plaza that day. Just another “made for TV drama. Miles Mathis is correct on Dealy Plaza crap, but I still find it very possible JFK was taken out by CIA. Motive? Just research Public Law 87-297(which hands over American military to UN control.

Zapruder film hoax.

Last edited 3 years ago by Johnny Walker Read
Reply to  Johnny Walker Read
3 years ago

RFK states in was the CIA that took out JFK and his father but won’t mention the mossad and is living it up in israel.

3 years ago

@sinead – no doubt – the whole Kennedy family are nothing but a bag of Jews.
And even for some small chance they are not Jews – they are Jews by association. Guilty.
Jew Mob.
Lay with dogs.

3 years ago

like charlie, first time listening in. excellent guy passionate as well

Last edited 3 years ago by Mr.Bond1423
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