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9 months ago

Charlie this week : gravity is wrong eistein is a shill . charlie next week : flat earth

Nick Keith
Reply to  Franny
9 months ago

He has been right on everything so far. He truly is wise beyond his years. So its inevitable he would go there and I cant wait till he does.

Lady Cat
Reply to  Nick Keith
8 months ago

I really do believe getting everyone to buy the “ball” model was their first step (after the christpsyop) into getting White people as a whole to disengage into La-la land and the theoretical.

We are living lives completely detached from reality or cause and effect
And consequence doesn’t just go away

It’s an immutable law

And it’s a big help to have everyone now believe we’re just a spec of dust in an every expanding universe

Just a thought

Reply to  Franny
9 months ago

Gravity theory is an unformed misconception; indoctrinated into compartmentalised bone heads.

Last edited 9 months ago by Solveig
Nick Keith
9 months ago

Your trending on

Grammar Nazi
Reply to  Nick Keith
9 months ago

* You’re (You are)

Reply to  Nick Keith
7 months ago

this clown (Nick) is a hasbara, he floods this site (WTV) with nonsensical movie trailers and bullshit. Its the latest tactic out of Israel to make these site uninteresting.

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