Truth Hertz: Thomas Paine and the Declaration of Independence (7-25-16)


Charles discusses Thomas Paine and how he was likely the author of the Declaration of Independence, and how he contends the revolution was all a sham orchestrated by shadowy Masonic forces.

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7 years ago

Brilliant show !
Here’s some more info about “Revolutionaries”:

Karen in E Tenn
7 years ago

Very interesting show. I have heard that the revolution had nothing to do with taxes but was due to the currency act. Have you ever looked into that before?

7 years ago

I think this is fascinating. I agree that the American Revolution was a classic Jewish event. The Masonic lodge just provides a cover. If you look closely at facial images of the ‘founding fathers’, it becomes obvious that many of them were 100% members of the tribe. We tend to assume that their strong curly hair and Jewish pattern baldness is due to wigs, but I don’t buy it any more. I think many of the pictures show their actual hair. Here’s just a short list of the ones I think are tribe members. Thomas Paine – Absolutely tribal. He looks like Elie Wiesel. Here’s Paine’s death mask which shows the classic skewed nose and protruding lower lip. George Fox (founder of the Quakers) –… Read more »

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