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4 years ago

Loving this show. This network has all bases covered: you with the spiritual/philosophical/historical and scientific angle, Klyle and Nick with the current events and subsurface exposition, Shaun from the 1st person bar room table gathering, John B’s dulcet generalist overview, Sinead with the female, creative, and human issues corner and Graham covering specifics, tangents and European ground. Soliddd.

4 years ago

Google has patent for brainwashing device , check this

4 years ago

The movie “Pulse” predicts the shooting, check out this guy breaking it down

4 years ago

Why talk about an event that cannot be verified? Might as well watch Fox News, CNN, etc. Either there was or there wasn’t a shooting. If there was a shooting then the victims either were ‘gays’ or were not. If there wasn’t a shooting then maybe crisis actors. It reminds me: of at 55seconds where the supposed ‘murderer’ is smiling, definitely not a natural reaction. So either the guy is a murderer and is crazy OR is a murderer but knows he won’t serve time for his action OR there was no murder and the guy is an actor OR there was a murder and the guy is an actor. In either case, if no morgue pictures are available then there is no way… Read more »

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