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free your mind
7 years ago

Charles, insomnia is a major sympton of grief. It is totally normal. We tend to think that grief is linear, but most humans in grief tend to jump around within the spectrum. It takes at least 2 full years to come out of deep grief. Get a good blender and make lots of fruit-ice smoothies. But don’t go to bed hungry, always have a light snack. Go easy on the digestive tract, while in grief, don’t overtax your systems. The worst of the grief will pass. But don’t be surprized by out of the blue grief. Worrying about it only makes it worse. Truly sorry about your loss, and may the essense of your mom be in Paradise. Thanks for your study and for sharing… Read more »

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Graham Harts guest, Rick Simpson would recommend cannabis, or hemp oil for your insomnia. Id like to get some seeds and grow my own..

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