Truth Hertz: Tribal Troubles Through Chinese History (5-17-18)

Charlie continues his discussion on China and gets into how Chinese pictographs relate to the scriptures, the tribe’s infiltration and subversion of Chinese society, the resistance to their influence, and more.

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6 years ago

I hope you’ve got it in you to write another book. This is great stuff.

6 years ago

First I need to say I have been listening to Charlie since he came to Renegade. I don’t care for the bible shows, but the JFK, John Denver, Manson family, and other shows like that where incredible. I, like Charlie, have been researching Ancient History for at least 30 years and also enjoy these shows but have to say he is going down the wrong track with is theory of the Tribe influencing China , South American civilizations, and so on. He is right in the connections he is making but it is the Aryan’s or Irons, the antithesis of the tribe. He is confused because of “that damn book”. Those stories where stolen and bastardized. The cross was also stolen, so the cross chambers… Read more »

Reply to  Clemson
6 years ago

Its about evidence ultimately. At this point he’s got theories and clues. Very interesting theories and intriguing clues. Its grounds for further research. I’m sure it will take a long time to find evidence if there is any. If its there Charles will find it. He’s like a hound dog chasing the Jews through history. If its a false lead, there will be evidence to the contrary. Go Charles! Keep on hunting.

6 years ago

You need to look into Bulgarian History about Tsar Ivan Alexander, Sarah-Theodora and Ivan Shishman. Also pay attention to how Tsar Ivan Alexander and Sarah met, it closely reminds me a certain Sumerian story of The Rape of Sud by Enlil

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