Truth Hertz: Trump and the Tribe Bring Armageddon to America (6-3-19)

Charlie continues his series on Trump and the jewish end of days, touching upon the predictive programming, prophecies, the Russian mob, and more.

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Thanks Charlie for this series of shows on this topic, I’m not missing a single podcast. This is of primal importance for the world to understand but unfortunately “those who should listen” don’t want their petty illusions to be crushed. They will play along with this Trump charade until is too freaking late. Anyone who still supports this bastard is part of the problem (no discussion about it), and what a problem it is.

By the way, now I see why these agents and operatives want to sell the idea of Trump being the “second coming of Jesus Christ”. There is a lot of filthy eschatology around this caracter for a (((reason))).


thank god there is still somewhere online I can go to find someone criticizing trump from a ((()))-wise perspective. No trump-tards here. nice work!

Johnny Walker Read

So many give Tulsi Gabbard a pass when she took her turn on
kosher pork sword like all the rest.


Don’t you think it’s weird she’s wearing sun glasses on the picture (his wife)? No one else is. Normally these people get coordinated by their entourage staff. Maybe she’s just very afraid of gessing the skin round her eyes aged or something neurotic. I would think she’d remove them for the actual photos though. How burned can you get?

Or, is there something more to this oddness?


There’s strong strong in that area of the world. Anyway, what difference does it make? Who cares?


Re. That pic looks weird. Look at the hand on the right. Does it belong to Melania or the rabbi? It looks like the rabbis hand but should be a right hand with the thumb facing you.

Why does the MSM do that?