Truth Hertz: Trump is Ushering in the Moshiach (5-27-19)

Charlie discusses the steps that Trump has taken to usher in the world leader of jewish prophecy, and what we could expect if they get their way with their plans to “rebuild” their temple.

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Amazes me how few people realize the “president is SELECTED, not elected.” Words spoken by one of the few times a jew (FDR) actually said something truthful in public. <– I love telling people that in conversation… and yet they'll still go vote as if it counts. Drumpf was picked by the kikes because he could maximize the stupidity of the troops better than Hillary could in pursuit of the Oded Yinon ("Greater Israel") Plan.


I wouldn’t be too surprised. The masses of people are followers. So expecting everyone to “get it” what it is like to have a jew Occupied Government is to go against the Natural Order of things. The “everyone will wakeup and that will fix things” is as credible of an argument as “all humans and races are equal and no different at all we are all one Equal human race” The reality is there are some leaders, like us (few among Many) and then there are followers who we should not rely on to be leaders (otherwise they may direct people to cointel like DailyStormer sense they are not a true leader at heart). And even if everyone gets it, well look how Sinead (and… Read more »


Great show, Charlie. These are the types of shows you do that I try to send to family members who think Trump is an evil “white supremacist”, “white nationalist”, “nazi”, etc. All these buzzwords and they never want to admit his deep ties to Judaism, especially when it’s in their face.


I love how most people react when you tell them Richard “Thpenthur,” and the rest of the “white supremacists” highlighted by the media are either ethnic jews or married to them.


Indeed great show with lots of vital information. I’ve shared this show and last week’s with others in hopes that they can see Trump for the anti-White, pro jew scumbag that he is. I was at a BBQ this weekend, and made sure to tell the others there that jews are not White (but try to pass for White because they have mixed with our people), that jews are running things, that the weather is manipulated and that every school/church/mosque/snyagogue shooting is a hoax to make us look bad. It seems people have no problem going on and on about how fed up they are with negroes, mestizos and muslims, but once the word jew is mentioned they recoil in horror. This unconscious protection that… Read more »

I recently watched a German tv ”documentary” about an obviously jewish couple who moved into a ”Nazi” village. These two jews hated everyone in the entire village (who were white ethnic Germans with some NS murals and signage), but ”refused to give in and sell their property to the Nazi’s”, so instead of doing the right thing and moving to somewhere they fit in, like Israel, they decided every year they were going to host a degenerate ”music” festival, right in the middle of the nice, quiet, white village – just to piss off and put on the map ”the Nazi’s”. It was so obvious these jews were funded, but what I ended up getting out of it was, is how clear it should be… Read more »


I saw the same documentary and of course the pro Whites were painted as evil and hateful people. Every. Single. Time.

I was going through an old Sassy magazine from the mid 1990’s recently (it was one of the few teen magazines I liked because it wasn’t super mainstream) which happened to feature Ivanka Trump. It is so insanely obvious pre plastic surgery how jewish she is. Now looking through the magazine, I realize just how jewy it was; promoting numerous unhealthy ideologies to teenage girls. It was a very sexually forward teen publication and was even boycotted by an evangelical women’s group. I check Wiki and see it was founded by (((Sandra Yates))).


Great show, Charlie. A number of Gematria youtubers are predicting that something big is in the works for August 11, which is some jewish “holy”day, Tisha bov, or however they spell it. I can’t help but wonder if that will be the day they pull off a false flag to get us into the Iran war, or perhaps when they destroy the al-aqsa mosque.
Based on observations and intuition, it certainly feels like something big is going to be happening soon.

As well as establishing Israhell in the middle east, WWII was also very much about destroying the incredible architecture and beauty of German civilization, as well as the looting of it, along with the rest of Europe’s remaining fine art. Germany was leveled after the war, and what has been erected in it’s place is just the same shit that you see everywhere else jews conquer. Souless ugly buildings, no grace, little beauty.. spiritual and physical poverty. (((They))) had to fire bomb Germany to smitherines or risk the world seeing what was possible without the slow kill collapse that only world jewry can bring, that slow kill collapse is now easy to see in what remains of the first world (white) nations who fought for… Read more »


Not sure what’s in Iran, but two things that seem to make them a target are the lack of a Rothschild central bank, and Israel viewing them as being a threat and obstacle to their goal of having total hegemony in the middle east.

And a lot of refugees that would get sent to Europe in the result of taking them out.

Johnny Walker Read

This video should awaken every American to the deep shit we are in. These nut job Chabad Lubavitcher’s and Christian Zionist will put an end to this nation if not stopped.

Mr. Hilter

The truth in all its brutal horror but liberating also,thank you Charlie,outstanding work.

Sarah Perry

Rabbi to Bibi Netanyahu “Do Something to Hasten His (Moshiach) Coming!” –


(((They ))) want the Temple Mount…..”para joder!” – To f up whoever!

Johnny Walker Read

Again, another great show Charles. So sad many do not realize what is about to befall us all due to (((their))) water boy tRump.

I don’t think there’s going to be WW3, TBH. They control all sides now, even Syria, Iran, and ESPECIALLY Russia (sorry to disappoint you, JEWtin fanatics). Unlike WW1 and WW2, all sides that are seemingly against each other today are Jews vs controlled oppositions.