Truth Hertz: Two Celebrity Deaths and a Fake Shooting (10-18-17)

Charles continues the discussion on Las Vegas and the Paddock patsy theories, then gets back into Hugh Hefner and why he may have been killed, then discusses Tom Petty and a particularly revealing music video he did.

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James V
6 years ago

I am disappointed to hear Charlie take the bait on this rip off of the plot from American Made. People are using 1 Anonymous post on /Pol/ to make the mental leap that this guy was for sure an arms dealer. I believe it is much simpler than some dramatic story. This guy was most likely just a Jew doing what his tribe members tell him to. They have millions of Jews willing to lie, cheat, and deceive the goyim at their disposal. It’s really not hard to mobilize thousands of actors to do their bidding at any given time. If anyone starts asking questions, they just whisk them off to Israel where the goyim can subsidize their new home. I highly doubt this guy… Read more »

Reply to  James V
6 years ago

They’re jews, or married to jews, or accomplices, or enablers, or bribed, or blackmailed. All the same sh¡t as far as I’m concerned and they all need to be taken good care of.

Reply to  James V
6 years ago

PSYOP professionals will tell you that you can’t rely upon enemy provided information channels. It looks like Charlie is confined to what we know are polluted and manipulated information channels in his quest for making sense of the Las Vegas event. THE BOOK If Charlie or any other host is going to comment on what appear to be Staged Atrocities – they need to read this book : If you have not read this book you are simply not qualified to comment on these things. BELIEFS People test the accuracy of their opinions by comparing them with the opinions of others. One a person makes a decision about what he believes, and especially if he has made his decision known to others, he subconsciously strives… Read more »

Reply to  James V
6 years ago

I think this kind of Jew is called sayanim. A Jew who is bribed, blackmailed, or willing to do anything for the tribal team. Metapedia gives a good definition of sayanim.

6 years ago

It’s not fake.

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