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Caisee Campbell
3 years ago

Calling this ‘pandemic’ a scam reminds me that I keep calling this a ‘scam-demic’ and which is my idea for part of the title of Charlie’s book on it.

3 years ago

@Kyle, how about if Charlie records his shows on Monday and Tuesday afternoons respectively and then e-mails them to you? No, he won’t be able to take calls, but most Renegade shows don’t take calls anymore; and it’s certainly far better to have a Charlie show without calls, than no Charlie show at all. 🙁

Last edited 3 years ago by PETER
Reply to  PETER
3 years ago

Monday night I don’t mind too much about the calls. Most of it relates to our world and what is happening and most are to the point and brief . Some callers do carry on thou. Tuesday night has gotten out of a bit out of hand . I wouldn’t mind if it was on topic and related to the topic to Charlie’s show on Tuesday . Even if it was some what off topic on Tuesday and as long as it was brief and to the point it wouldn’t be so bad . Their are some callers and we know who they are, Where I’m telling myself come on get to the point so Charlie can carry on with his show.

Last edited 3 years ago by Dennis
3 years ago

I seem to be the only one at the stores not on drugs ! And everyone looks at me with bugged eyes like I’m some kind of cop or informant.

3 years ago

Everybody has to love the call from Dave

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