Truth Hertz: Updates on the Insanity & Tesla’s Incredible Technology (3-1-18)

Charlie gives some updates concerning the hogg-wash coming out about Parkland and then resumes his discussion of Nikola Tesla’s revolutionary work.

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Labour Unit
2 years ago

Excellent, Tesla is the man. A little nug of info; an infonug, that a guy called John Aster who was funding Tesla, was a guest on the Titanic/Olympia when it was downed from an internal jew lightning bolt. I wonder if THAT as the reason, or at least one of the reasons, that the Titianic/Olympia was sunk.

2 years ago

Did Monica Jewinsky really suck Slick Willie’s willie?

Reply to  Renny
2 years ago

Does he even have one? Or is there a babbling rabbi head between his legs where the “willy” should be?

Reply to  Renny
2 years ago
Reply to  Amber
2 years ago

Great song! That guy is a hell of a guitar player.

Tony Edward
2 years ago

OMG from the facial features of Tesla he does not appear to be an Aryan, Nordic, Germanic or Celtic.

Reply to  Tony Edward
2 years ago

So, what’s your point, First name for a last name…?

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