Truth Hertz: Updates, Lunar Lunacy & Taking Calls (3-8-18)

Charlie gives some updates about Parkland, goes on some good rants, gets to some Tesla notes briefly and takes around 6 million calls.

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Is it just me, or all the calls killing the show, how about max 2 per show and not 20 min long


Most of his callers are interesting. There are a couple boring douchebags, but Charlie usually does a good job of moving them along.

Alexander from Flanders

I totally agree.

Most callers just annoy the hell out of me. They absolutely destroy the flow of the show.

Maximum 2 callers sounds like heaven (read: Walhalla) to me (zero would be better). Or… calls are only allowed into the shows that are setup just for taking calls, and let the hosts do their freaking jobs.


Agreed. Tho the callers are interesting, this show was completely taken off topic for about an hour and 10 minutes, which was supposed to be about Tesla which Charlie only spent 20 minutes on. I like listening to Charles, but this wasn’t a good show. I think one caller even called more than once


Amazing Cassidy Stay bitch. Shot in the back of the head, lost a finger, six family members dead and this amazing little bitch can party it down just two days later. UnbeLIEvable resillience.


We need a ban on crisis actors or world wide TV bonfires.


I still prefer Peekay when it comes to exposing these hoaxes. Here’s an older video of his put out by the same person.

Peekay destroys the hoax narrative using just the material the msm is peddling. No hoax codes or anything esoteric is needed once Peekay gets on the case. I’ve used his videos to wake up a few people. They’re usually pretty short and his style works really well.


More TV hoaxery by the jew butt-pluggers. These bitches just never stop.