Truth Hertz: Vaccination is a Crime Against Humanity (5-19-20)

Charlie talks about the many dangers of vaccines, while they are being presented as the solution to our pandemic problems.

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Hello everyone. Honestly i don’t think they would do something as stupid as to cause direct massive casualties due to vaccines. What narrative would they use to cover that crap up? They would have to deal with revolts and uprisings as soon as the bodies started pilling up. For them it would be much easier to have a sterilizing agent in the vaccine. If the goal is to have population reduction with minimal repercussion then the way is to leave people sterile. No need to kill them if the next generation isn’t even born at all. After all is said and done, how long does anyone think it would take for anyone to notice? Months? A year or two? And then what? Who gets blamed… Read more »

Foster XL

I’ve actually been saying this to all the “non-truthers” who suddenly came out with “they just want to kill us bro!” when this whole covid scam started. I told them it’s already been happening with all the vaccines newborns get. I’ve told them to go look at statistics for infertility plus all the other things like autism & associated conditions over the last century. I also told them to pay special attention to the HUGE rise in endometriosis which I’m certain is tied directly to vaccinations. The “treatment” for this condition is horrendous & can lead to sterility & the removal of the womb & ovaries to avoid death. They’ve been doing this ever since the first vaccination – it’s actually what they were designed… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Thanks Charlie. I’ll be looking forward to your report which I think should be translated into many different languages as, I hope, it will get shared big time all over the Internet. Maybe Renegade Tribune should publish an entry promoting it, so people could use direct links to send to family members and friends. In the meantime people should read short articles like the one I published not too long ago on Renegade Tribune about the “Swine Flu pandemic” of 1976 (which Charlie mentioned), or at least, made the video discussed in my article available for people to watch, just to remind them that things have not changed under the sun, they have gotten worse. I think that video is a small harbinger on… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

After watching this video NO ONE will be able to say “it’s not the jews”. They have their greasy jewish fingers ALL OVER the place:

‘Bob Langer The Coronavirus “Common Denominator” Tied To Charles Lieber & Israel’s NY “Smart Cities” (May 21, 2020) by The Last American Vagabond

Disclaimer: I do not endorse these people 100% but this video is really worth watching.


Webb is anti White.


Sinead, here’s quite a good webpage that I instantly show to anyone who starts blaming whites for slavery etc –

“An African-American apologizes for misattributed perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews”

People should save this one & link it whenever they encounter anti-whites.

PS. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like I was “recommending” Fetch’s latest show the other day as I most certainly wasn’t! Was just trying to show how he was promoting the idea of NS as the only savior maybe to gain cred, who knows. I didn’t include a link but maybe I should’ve worded my comment slightly differently 🙂

Robert Heimdal

No surprise there. I wonder if her real name is actually “Weber”:


Hunh? How so? Specific article please… and/or generalizations written warfare against European descendants other than the slavery brainwashing of all Americans other than Dixian’s…


The Swine Flu Fraud of 1976 (60 Minutes with Mike Wallace)


Vaxxed – From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016)

Vaxxed II – The People’s Truth (2019)