Truth Hertz: The Vatican’s Role in the American Civil War (2-6-17)

Charles talks about the Stupor Bowl and then gets into how the Pope aligned the Vatican with the South in the American Civil War.

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I hope you cancel the appointment for a colonoscopy tomorrow, Charles, esp. if you are feeling alright. The procedure can be very very harmful. Dr. Jennifer Daniels has a lot of information about this danger, and I advise all to check with her before you make a final decision. It is a no, for me.


I agree with you Brigid. I had one 5 years ago when I was even more gullible. Anal rape as a money making scheme. I should have a test so I will need another test or so they can find something that has been there for a long time to tell me I have to some treatment or another immediately. They told me 4-5 years ago I could have prostate cancer and need biopsy etc. I said thank you and left knowing I would live longer with it than with any treatment they would push.


I am betting you made the right decision re the “cancer” advice, JAGG. From what I hear from Dr. Daniels, I am also willing to bet that she agrees with you and me.


Agree again Brigid, Dr Daniels is a wealth of information. Her protocols have improved my health over the years. Detoxification.
Here is one of her best, I thought,


I am convinced their so called practices are dubious and their screening results. They try to get people into the whole cancer money routine with sketchy scans. The prostate does change over your life but that doesn;t make it a problem, it is just getting old, it doesn’t make it cancerous. But Radiotherapy can be used to treat it, it can be used to treat even benign cellular growth like dupytrens (or something like that spelling) and those wierd skin rice crispies you get that look shit but arent “dangerous”, it doesn’t make it a “cancer”. Anyway, diet will sort that out, most of it is the shit we have eaten from the jew toxic sludge.


Colonoscopy with the removal of colorectal polyps began in 1969 at the Department of Surgery, Beth Israel (House of Israel) Medical Center, New York, USA. (A tribal hospital)
Sounds like tribal technological sodomy to me.


JAGG and Joyster, thanks for the feedback. I wonder how Charles is feeling right now. We all wish him the best, eh.


Thanks Joyster. That is exactly what it is. They push it here to all over 50’s so they can sodomise those with a hemorrhoid while terrorising them with the treat of bowel cancer. This should apply to the medical industrial complex “To create fear where there is no fear is an act of terrorism”. I hope Charles makes the decision which is best for him.