Truth Hertz: Vegas Updates & Hugh Hefner’s Death (10-11-17)

Charles talks about some of the recent revelations about the Las Vegas shooting, the absurdity of Eric Paddock, and then gets into the strange things surrounding Hugh Hefner’s death, with lots of callers in between.

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The entire event is littered with herrings for the public to chase and slipped into to divide and conquer, the tribe’s calling card. Michael Cronk takes the gold medal for worst of the worst crisis actors.


My favorite crisis act-whore of all time is Cassidy Stay, whose parents and four siblings were allegedly murdered. She was shot in the back of the head and finger but miraculously healed in less than two days, no doubt the work of the fuck-tard known as Yahweh.


Tickets to Madagascar selling fast !


Yeah he’ll need to do better to get a crisis actor Oscar award.

Allison MacPherson

I’ m so glad Charles is back. I always learn something new from both him and his intelligent followers. Thanks Renegade for hosting Charles.


This Vegas event is just a cluster designed to divide and conquer, the Tribe’s calling card.


I am so glad Charles is back. This was a good talk on the Las Vegas event. Will there be another crisis event involving 1,000-plus wounded and many killed? Will any crisis actors come forward and tell the truth about these events? As usual, Senator Feinstein, has a gun control bill waiting to be passed in the Senate. The crisis event with casualties is the means and gun control is the end.


Charles Giuliani two nights a week??? That is truly great news!!!!

Did Charles just quote an onion article, thinking it was a serious news website ? 😉 Anyway, really glad Charles is back!


The onion is a more serious news website than the ones peddling all these hoax terror productions as real events.