Truth Hertz: Venting Frustration, Revolutions & Hitler Calls (8-5-16)


Charles discusses his frustrations with the gullibility of people, continues his discussion of the revolutions taking place across Europe in the mid 19th century, and then takes callers who want talk about Hitler.

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Humans appear to ignore the obvious. Our thinking is too often compartmentalized. The removal of the classical art of thinking, known as the Trivium was removed from non-private schools in Europe in the mid 19th century, and by 1920 in the United States. Now we have Common Core state education that will remove the last vestiges of common sense. The Trivium is based on the 5 senses, or “common sense”. The Torah or Old Testament makes a wholy religion out of psychopathy. The Talmud gives instruction on how to fulfill psychopathy in deeds. This is why the Talmud and Cabbalah are surrounded in secrecy. We in the Truth Movement are ignoring the obvious when we fail to understand, that indeed, there are humans who believe… Read more »

Always makes me laugh when i hear or read ‘ Truth Movement ‘.

Yes we are all on different levels of awareness. For me, the term truth movement emplies an awareness that we have all been lied to on almost every concievable level and are seeking truth. Perhaps we might say, awareness movement. Already the term alternative movement has been infiltrated. What would you suggest we call the movement to free outselves from lies?

@Free Your Mind

Well said. Well said, indeed.

Yeah, I don’t get it. Hitler represents everything we need to do in order to stop these kikes, and even if what you suggest is true, we’d still have to do those things. I’m not buying it, but even so, you might as well debunk Beowulf.

Giuliani is NOT a white racist. Charlie never, really, let go of the myth, and it has led to his mythtardation

Oh, brother.

Just caught him saying “Nietzsche is a tribe member!” Simply amazing.

Giuliani began awhile back with first stating that Adolf Hitler was neither saint nor devil, and then proceeded to demonize the man in everything, without pause, and that anything good back then really came from the German people, not their leader.

He is all “problems and conspiracies” with no solutions. The “Peter Principle” comes to mind.


One annoying thing is that Nietzsche has been translated by kikes, and had the obvious kike filtering that I believe have craftily twisted FN’s words against Germans and lauding the scum kike. One such sniveling wretch being Kaufmann who actually has persistent and devious jew lauding in his footnotes and christ knows what lurking in his translations. Also, the book “the gay science” is actually “the joyous science”, and I found it quite amusing that kike Kaufmann would try and infuse N’s work with faggotry connotations.

So Charles’ bullshit Mein Kampf quotes are self-evident now?

Haven’t listened. Maybe won’t. Here are two YTs that should pique Charlie’s ire:

Hail Victory !!!

Hi Bob, You’re a perfect example of a WN that is literally not a Hitler fanboy. You criticize certain aspects of him and the NS system. I personally do not agree with your viewpoint but I respect your opinion. Charles on the other hand bases his antipathy toward Hitler on fake quotes that are nowhere to be found in Mein Kampf, as he claims. And using these made up citations, he injects more subjective bullshit and interprets any and all events surrounding Hitler with a conspiracy hat on. Hitler holding a speech at 8pm = numerology, must be one of them. Today, Charles made fun of truthers that don’t get the Freemason angle. Does he not know that Hitler (and Mussolini) banned Freemasonry? Hitler opened… Read more »

The problem with Hitler was not him, but the lack of leaders around him, esp. after his mentor Dietrich Eckart died so early. Which aspects of NS do I not agree with?

The hierarchical structure

And the deal with the industries not to kill the managerial class Commie-style.

These are the two points, you pointed out in past shows.

You may be reading too much into whichever show you heard. This is the key to understanding ‘fascism’:

I am such a fascist !!!

No problem Bob.

I myself think of what could have been done better.
Would a naval bridge to East Prussia been better and abandon the millions of Germans in the Corridor be better since they lost their homes after WW2 anyway, to appease Poland and its Allies?

These are of course personal opinions and I have no problem with anyone questioning other questions as well.

I totally get Charles’ perspective also. But citing fake quotes is really where it stops.

I have always maintained that National Socialism was World Wide, here is a Chinese example:

Boy, was there ever such thing as freudian slip . . . congratulation, Charlie. If it never before was such a thing as a liberal anarchist, you just have invented the concept.

Did people not know that Charlie has always had a bit of a leftist/egalitarian stance? Actually most anti-semitism comes from the secular left and has historically. All those BDS’ers are democrats and leftists and humanists.

My first comment: (((Freemasons))) + “Jews”. Yeah, I fully get it. Hebrew is for Elementary Commerce, Yidd is the Higher Power Structure. That Coin you mentioned, was a one off fraud. Justice4Germans wrote at length about it, but the site has been taken down. I’m not sure if I have the information, i’ll try to find it. How many “jews” were in Germany ? (Less than 500k most stayed willingly) we gotta ask, were they detained, gassed, or sent to Palestine, which is it ? lol ! Nada. There was no effort to send them there by the NS, none: “For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the… Read more »

About the subject of Parasitism and Jewishness:

When Edgar Steele read that, he wrote: “Tom’s hit a home run!”

Rest in Peace Edgar Steele. Hero and champion of the common whites! And praise to Cyndie Steele for knowing her man, knowing he was framed, and for standing by him. Few may ever comprehend what it is like to be in either of their shoes. They are both role models to be emulated!

Charlie, I found listening to your Hitler demonization is so upsetting because we then find ourselves with no one and nothing to believe in to fight against the Jews. Of course he had Jew influences all around him and certainly had to pick and choose many of their “options” in his fight against them. I would say he is identical in a lot of ways to Trump who has the Jew flies all over him as well.
The problem it seems is that we tune in to listen to you give us a shred of hope and when you tear down all hope, we get upset and angry.

What I heard and direct me if I’m wrong is “there is no hope no defeating the Jew and even if you fight the Jew will win…” Basically the same learned helplessness school indoctrination. Not sure about the rest but I grew up on the classics theat the struggle was life and how we fight in this life is reflected in the next and if that makes you shudder then an example to others emboldened by natural valor and leadership. We all die and to think life under the yoke of economic slavery is natural to us one needs to reach back to see clearly ahead. “Government. Influence of Women. They choose their kings by birth, their generals for merit. These kings have not unlimited… Read more »


Even if Hitler was proven to be a full-on fucking jew, I would still hate the jew. I don’t need a hero or even a leader. I can hate them on my own and despise them because I love the good and beautiful in the world and the fucking jew is the destroyer of all that is good and all that is beautiful.

Stay strong Charles. Disagreements and mistakes always happen but what matters is for all of us to ascend and continue to inform the public.
I’m not sure if you received my email but I had a guest suggestion on a very interesting and important topic.
His name is Scott Roberts and has been on Renegade many times before. Here’s a recent video by him on the phenomena of kosher food. Many people have criticized and disagreed with him over this topic also but it certainly worths further discussion and analysis.
(Dear Kyle, please let him know in case he doesn’t read this comment. Thanks.)

The Jews used Hitler to start WWII….
“The Dulles brothers were later to play crucial roles in setting up the Hitler regime in Germany, preparing the way for World War II, and respectively as Secretary of State and founder of the CIA in the postwar period. Allen Dulles remained a director of the Schroder Bank, which handled Hitler’s personal funds; Dulles consigned many millions of dollars to the Schroder as “covert” funds for the CIA. No accounting was ever made.” by Eustace Mullins

So what role did jewry’s declaration of war against Germany on March 23, 1933 play? And what role did the on going mass murder of non-jews through Russia, Armenia, Ukraine and other regions from 1915 up to the “official narrative’s” WWII starting date, when Germany went into Poland, on the grounds of stopping communist kikes and non-jewish scum partisans play? WWII is an artificial, abstract thing which has been primarily defined by kikes. It’s time non-jews lay out their own definition. I suggest it be defined in terms of jewish aggressions, open and secret, against non-jews. Any fool who thinks that massive warfare in Europe was Hitler’s fault is not paying attention to the mass murdering that the jews were doing decades leading up to… Read more »

No accounting was ever made. LOL. Alright. Sounds legit.