Truth Hertz: We’re Being Royally Screwed by Scammers (5-18-20)

Charlie talks about how some people are making off like bandits while we are all being flushed down the tubes.

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You’re not censored, Brian, but it’s really annoying when you called in before for virtually every show at 10-15 minute intervals. People wanted to listen to Charlie talk, not you. Your call times easily added up to way more time than any other caller. That’s why people were annoyed.


Talk for yourself, we don’t need a chatroom leader. Thank you. Good show again Charles.

Duh! Trooftard Alert!

LOL! A Brian fan! How quaint & extremely rare! Or is it just poor widdle Bwian himself? Aaaaaawwwww ;(

Duh! Trooftard Alert!

Hear! Hear! Nobody really likes an annoying old troofer c**t who rings up every show & distracts the host for up to 20 minutes at a time. This Brian wanker is the worst example. He always acts all buddy buddy with Charlie & has been suggesting for years now they should do a show together for this or that – to my knowledge Charlie has never down a show with him – gee I wonder why! On top of that since he’s been calling while Charlie’s been on Renegade he’s been making snide little negative comments about the network every now & then. I remember the first call where he said among other things “Why this network though?” as if he really thought Renegade was… Read more »


You’re totally right. Brian has been calling in and interrupting shows for years, and it’s annoying. Since the days of Oracle 90% of the callers were annoying.
Charlie’s topics are plenty interesting without the need for distractions like Brian wrecking the flow.

Robert Heimdal

No Charlie! you’re wrong because… “Trump is going to save the world”. That’s what Q and Charlie Freak are telling us. The only thing people have to do is NOTHING; just sitting ducks and watch the whole show unfolding. Trust the plandemic 101:

‘GVP #158 – Charlie Freak & Colleen. The Q Plan Explained (May 17, 2020)’

The podcast is really worth listening as Twilight Zone entertaining. I bet David Dees will appreciate this guy, this is much better than Devin Madgy’s shite. Expect to see more of this Trump-shilling propaganda unfolding as the so-called elections approach.

And to think that I thought most people had already awakened to this orange clown’s deceit.

Anyway, thanks for the show Charlie.


Like the Jew, everything done is a contrived lie. I don’t think there’s a virus at all.