Truth Hertz: The West Memphis Three (1-31-17)

Charles discusses the sick and Satanic case of the West Memphis Three, teenagers who were convicted of murdering children, who were later freed after a campaign of Hollywood celebrities.

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There’s another excellent podcast about West Memphis 3. Think it was ‘True Murder Podcast’ on blogtalk, show called ‘Abomination – William Ramsey’. The author totally annihilated all involved. This whole outrage was caused by a Hollywood documentary film making team, run by the usual suspects of course. The producers roped in their Hollywood pals to turn the case into another cause celebre. This kind of case is something u can milk forever. The film makers who managed to free these ‘innocent’, at the time, teenagers. They played it just like a racism, discrimination case. Swapping black skin for black, long hair, gothic clothes — outsiders persecuted for being different. We see it over n over, media climbers searching for a cause. They’re not too picky.… Read more »

Killer of Trolls

I always thought these guys were set up from that documentary. Hollywood will defend the scum of the Earth in order to make middle America look bad sometimes


You can find all Court Documentation at
Contrary to opinion, it’s a well documented case.
Suggested reading that no documentary touches upon is “EXHIBIT 500” Echols medical records. In those 509 pages, it will give you insight into what you may not be aware of.


The psych system probably has a 500 page ‘medical’ record on Sinead McCarthy. Writing something down don’t make it true, and if you think psychiatry is somehow objective science as opposed to jewish propaganda you probably don’t belong here.

It’s a field based on lies, period.

Echols played into this BS for a period and he was also dogged by a state worker who had it out for him as well, so the absurd fiction that is psychiatry was even more contaminated with enablers.

This is all explored in the documentaries and in The Devil’s Knot, as is the judge’s complicity in preventing The Three from being able to appeal successfully. He should have been disbarred from his judgeship.


They didn’t do it, read the Devil’s Knot for best facts on case. There are also two documentaries made on it.

It’s an example of how the white poor are the scapegoats of the american class system and have been for some time, contrary to the ‘white privilege’ myth.


Research Bojangle’s Man and West Memphis Three. He was a black man who was probably hired to be the hit man for the orchestrators.

I think the dad in the film did it. Those kids where tortured in prison as well thye have vision problems from being in a cell as well. In the 90’s a lot of kids where thrown out of school an persecuted for not being into mainstream music or the occult. Satanism was a really positive influence on me kept me straight edge, etc.


Read William Ramsey – Abomination. Or listen to the True Murder podcast on blogtalk where he appears. I’m with Charles on this.


The evidence that the stepfather of one of the victims’ did it was what was overwhelming. He had no connection to these three teens.

There probably was some sort of satanic ritual molestation stuff going on (or it was made to look as if there was), but ‘The Three’ convicted were just scapegoats.

Sober up, Charles. It took at least 15 years to free them.


An Alford Plea is the last resort. The criminal justice system never admits it railroaded a defendant. It prevents the freed wrongly convicted from suing the state, which is what the state requires to give in to mounting evidence and public pressure.

I’m surprised at how superficially Charles is treating this case. I’ve never tuned in before and this is disappointing.

The judge was evil and ‘in’ on whatever corruption surrounded the molestation of at least one of the boys and his murder and that of the other two boys.

There’s your story, Charles. Investigate that.

They say DNA evidence proved their innocence. Yet they where forced to agree to not having the conviction taken off their records.


But Jewish documentary said they were innocent. And there was this stepfather that looked like a racist, red neck type, very suspicious. After all, a simplified, biased Hollywood documentary must be true, right?


The Three were poor white ‘trailer trash.’