Truth Hertz: Where’s Your God Now? (2-14-18)

Charlie continues his discussion about the many reasons he feels there cannot possibly be a benevolent and intelligent creator that designed us.

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Asaheim Wulfguard

Excellent show as always, I never get tired of listening to to truth hertz, just an idea that poem you read about “the jew the Jew the despicable jew” could be used during the breaks on renegade broadcasting ! . . . 😉


I am glad, Charles, that you agree that this world was indeed created, I see our opinions on all things are extremely similar. And at the same time it was unfortunately created in a bad way too. Maybe there were two creators? Many? Who the hell knows… It’s sad we’ll never know for sure. Either way I have a suggestion for a topic for your TH broadcast – the thing is that no one ever talks about how did the jews get all the power, money etc. how did they prevailed through all the time if all people hated them and either wanted them dead or at least ridden off of their land. I at least don’t really know how did they get all that… Read more »


Read the Torah/OT. Their gameplan is there. They follow that gameplan which tells them to lend to many nations and borrow from none. It tells them to be insidious lest people work out what’s going on if they go too fast.


So for thousands of years people haven’t been able to figure out the game plan though it’s published openly, and in spite of being a hated small minority Jews have been able to monopolize all the wealth of the world?

It’s more complicated than that. It’s a not a simple question. It deserves a very thorough and detailed treatment. That it’s not getting this treatment as yet tells me that few really know this most vitally important matter of the history of human enslavement.


We have the internet now with millions of people telling you in great detail what they are up to and still they have power and wealth. The OT wasn’t available to read for most people until the printing press came along. Who definitely knew about the OT and the strategies the Jews followed? The vatican. Their partners in crime. The Jews themselves were ruled by Levites who wrote the OT and put themselves in charge in that novel. Probably the NT as well which would put them on top of the Jews who were supposedly on top of the Christians because they were “chosen”. Most Jews would be considered cannon fodder for the real rulers. You have to look at the possibility they are just… Read more »


By the way, the OT is NOT followed by Jews no matter what they tell you. It exhibits great morality, and speaks often of righteousness against evil. Jews take the OT and turn it on its head. I do not believe Jews are so delusional as to think they are following the OT. For one, most Jews never read those texts. The rabbis who are said to study them do so perversely, formulating opposite modes of conduct from those prescribed. The Talmud exhibits the Jewish religion after having perverted all the books of the OT.


The OT demands genital mutilation which is Satanic to the core, so fuck the OT. And fuck the filthy jews.


It speaks of what the Jews later called milah, which refers to the snipping of the acroposthion of the penis, the portion of the foreskin that hangs over when flaccid. I’m intact and wouldn’t want that done to me, but it’s much less extreme than what the milah + periah procedure the Jewish rabbis invented.


In fact the original procedure may have been an almost trivial drawing of blood. The procedure we have today is technically called Radical Circumcision. It removes every possible trace of the foreskin. It is an extreme (and I say that not lightly) perversion of what was talked of in the OT. The victim is literally a sexual cripple, and the procedure requires putting a metal instrument under the fused foreskin of the infant, which is excruciatingly painful and necessarily scars in a very deep way the vulnerable infant psyche.


So you are saying the Jews do not lend unto many nations and borrow from none? They don’t behave in an insidious and subversive manner?

Whatever morality is in the OT only refers to fellow Jews. There is some slack cut towards widows and poor people outside of the race sometimes but that’s it. Even then they are to stone people for any number of offences against god or disobedience to the Levites that own them. If a strict interpretation of the OT were to be applied to the White world today there wouldn’t be enough stones to kill all the people that would be condemned to death. I think we can safely do without semitic morality.


I just found this new broadcast: (571) February 17 2018 Jimmie Moglia – Origins Of Jewish Power

Maybe this answers our questions. I haven’t yet listened.


AHhahahaha ! The true funny truth Charlie !

Tony Edward

Along with being the great yahweh slayer and quibtessential seeker of truth Charles is also a deep thinking philosopher dissecting the age old “meaning of life” enigma.


Excellent excellent set of topics. what if we are here to suffer.?Schopenhauer has some interesting commentary about his subject. Some creatures have no other function other than to cause suffering and pain, such as the stonefish. Even Childbirth is bloody painful and traumatic. What is this is hell and we are here to suffer. Why should there be any reason to the contrary other than we don’t want to accept that? Why should we be here for our good or pleasure? Why is it so easy for evil to prosper, why is it so easy for the jew to prevail, why do the jew’s duplicity and scheming have more effective success efficiency than honesty and work? Evil works, much more than “good”. Good to be… Read more »


Charles, your views on this creator are products of the human condition and reflect a purely physical sentiment of what’s right and wrong. Our purpose is mostly incomprehensible because it transcends the reason of physical reality. God only smiles upon the victorious and casts aside the weak. European Nihilism has destroyed our connection to above and our punishment is that of a high susceptibility to parasitic infection. We got our freedom by giving up any greater purpose. Once there is no transcendent purpose the purpose becomes that of purely animal instincts and desires at which point degeneracy sets in. Involution then degenerates the human form to that of primates who further degrade out of existence.


Good stuff Charles! Can you imagine how long the returns line would be if suddenly there was a “Customer Service” desk for “Earth Mart”?
I agree that we are a shitty design that was engineered by a cold, cruel creator! If this/these engineers are/were even 10% less evil we would all have some kind of solar panel skin like plants at the very least I imagine.


Free will and being able to choose is the most precious gift given to me – simple. Hence, duality must exist. Wisdom and higher awereness can be achieved without ever experiencing any pain. ALL religions want to teach us that pain is a necessity….they lie !


Pretty hard to go through life without pain. We learn from our mistakes. Mistakes in life usually involve some pain. Free will and choice is cool but I doubt anyone has been lucky enough to choose right every time in life.

Scott the Stragerist

That’s crap, Max. I’d trade some meaningless abstraction like “free will” for a good outcome anyday! It’s NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT the journey! It’s the DESTINATION!


It’s both the journey and the destination. To have a predetermined destination for your life would be pointless. You become an automaton. If you choose the destination then you are exercising free will. At each point of your life you make choices. Would you really want every single choice laid out for you to follow without deviation? Free will with an uncertain outcome or a pre-programmed existence with a certain outcome?