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Robert Heimdal
1 year ago

Even if you do not read these comments; congratulations for the new calling C.I. “fans” you have gotten yourself Charlie. Apparently 2,020 years of religious absolutist DARK AGES is not enough for these people. They just want more of it… and I guess Yahweh is just eager to please them.

Bud K Abbott
1 year ago

Its not ci dip… shits, its zog goons .

Kathryn Kohl
1 year ago

How do I email you to get a copy of your book? I think that is what you stated at the end of this show? Thank you

Reply to  renegade
1 year ago

Sounds interesting – have you ever had him on? Might make an interesting guest, assuming he’s not in jail.

1 year ago

Christcucks are annoying.

The Bull
1 year ago

What came to my mind with this show is how the bible has one looking outside of ones self for power when we need to take action, and grow and become powerful ourselves.

deanna b
1 year ago

I love listening to your talks and have learned so much. I was raised totally religiously, but saw so much hypocrisy and also read the Bible at 11 and was shocked at the violence and mixed messages, and the subjugation of women in that crappy book. However I only believed in only the few words verbatim spoken by the now supposed Jesus. I left the church at 13 and thanks to you threw the entire book along with the insane Jesus crap in the garbage . Your work on the Jews in Egypt is amazingly informative. Did you ever listen to a Muslim chap Iman Mohammed Tawhide on Jewtube? He’s tearing up Mohammed their so called prophet apart with old texts that were hidden from… Read more »

Reply to  deanna b
1 year ago

Just FYI Charlie, by his own admission, never reads comments under his shows 😉

deanna b
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

I think you are slightly insane Mary judging from your previous comments. Please get a life or shut the fuck up and stop harassing people.

Reply to  deanna b
1 year ago

LOL! Yeah I’m the insane one believing Eric Dubay is “on our side”. Pull the other one “deanna”, it’s got bells on! 😀

Reply to  deanna b
10 months ago

I put his name in a search engine that respects privacy and only from looking at some of the pictures and opening one article (which I did not even bother to read)
I am afraid this Iman Mohammed Tawhide is most probably a sell-out, some controlled opposition working for shekels.
Check this out:
[starts with a picture of him at Auschwitz, his hands stretching open his jacket superman-like and donning a t-shirt with ‘we remember’ across it.
[…] This week, he was in Canada taking part in ceremonies commemorating the Holocaust. […]
The article is dated 4th May 2019

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