Truth Hertz: As the World Burns (10-26-17)

Charlie deals with technical issues early on, but has good audio for the rest of the show. He fires off about a number of topics, such as the possibility of directed energy weapons causing the forest fires, the status of his upcoming book, the reasons behind Agenda 21, the state of education, and more.

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Soapy Bigstorm

Hey Charlie, Glad so hear you back on Renegade! Love your shows. Quick heads up on the foul creature who you were quoting from tonight. Rosa Koire is a hooknosed jew who plagiarizes ninety per cent of what she writes about UN Agenda 21 and Communitarianism and just makes up the other ten per cent. She ripped off other people’s work,slapped it back together in a “…..For Dummies” type of Format and then hawked her deceptive drivel on unknowing dupes at Patriot conventions. She made her six million shekels, never turning up her beak like schnazoo at a chance to peddle her freshman comprehension of these subjects over conspiracy and patriot radio waves. The screeching like has even gone so far as to state that… Read more »


Wow! That’s interesting Soapy Bigstorm! Just began to read ” Behind the Green Mask of Rosa Koire”. There has always been such a blind spot or awkward fogginess in and around the depiction of communitarianism and now it becomes clear why. Thank you so much!
And I’m sure happy too that Charles is back and it was a great show.

Soapy Bigstorm

You are welcome Elfgard. Communitarianism is a really important movement, in as it is like the equal opportunity employment act….sacrificing the rights of the individual for the “greater good ” of the masses, but applied to society as a whole. Its a really important “ism” to understand, shrouded in Hegelian dialectic and Orwellian doublespeak. In simple words: white working class loses!


Is is right to say that communitarism is a diversified/melded system theory or system alchemy with culture, religion, ideology, economy, race and individual integrated into Talmudic hierarchy and law? Sex/gender as well seen only as systems that are fluid. The balance thing makes it difficult to understand as it can be used individually and for whole groups or systems or the balance between two systems as in man/nature = ecology . The word “balance” makes it difficult to criticise if you can’t show who gives the definition for “balance”. A balance between individual and society or nature is a very sweet picture. When I read that we have to recognize the talmudic law behind the concept things became clearer. “Lark” is always to theoretical for… Read more »


Take a look at a pic of Rosa Koire. Absolutely disgusting. I got $20 says that piece of jew filth is a tranny.

Foster XL

Ooer! That is disgusting!! Definitely could be a tranny although on average most jewish women look pretty manly anyway it’s hard to tell. Pretty fucked up either way when your average woman looks so manly you can’t tell if it’s a tranny or not! Mind you there are 6 genders in the Talmud. What a completely fucked up people!


Yes Renny, she is a terrifying creature! With all her connections she must have been like a spider when she befriended and then betrayed the two women who had done all the hard work and sacrificed so much. “Behind the green Mask of Rosa Koire” tells in a very personnel and concrete way how they work and how they gain influence over whole topics and our perception. At the time I searched for infos about agenda 21 I always felt that I missed something important but at that time I was not aware of (((them))). They always make themselves invisible. Glad that Charles brought the topic up in his show. The whole direct energy thing as cause of the fires is frightening. The videos one… Read more »

ODD TV made a video on the use of direct energy weapons causing the fires. My friend also sent me photos of houses burnt to shit, but the surrounding area which had trees and whatnot were fine. Here is a link to the video:

Charlie, you and I both know all too well about those damn rotaries. There’s a million and ten where we’re from.

Here is a link to the video on the laser beam :

patrick brown

we had better effect control on the houses …. Trump is being directed from Israel !

patrick brown

why is the US controlled via Isreal ?