Truth Hertz: Yahweh The Devil (12-20-17)

Charles unleashes fire and brimstone upon the Yahweh monster, showing how the Bible actually reveals that Yahweh and the devil are actually one and the same evil demon.


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Brilliant show. Between Giuliani, Kyle, Sinead and UJG, I have received a PhD in what the fuck is really going on in this jew shit hole we’re living in.


Absolutely, same here.


Ave my good people. HAPPY JULETIDE, raise your glass and spare a thought on this Solstice for your Ancestors and living Volk, wish them health with me and may the gods also be with you Let the irrecoverable terminal failure of the jewish people forever, be swift to come: the denizens of death (yes, all of them). Sieg Heil, Vale, to all of you.


Awareness is the first step to solve any problem.


Jeremiah 13:14 “I will smash them one against the other, parents and children alike, declares the LORD. I will allow no pity or mercy or compassion to keep me from destroying them.'” If we think about how ((they)) have caused wars using us gentiles to smash against each other killing our close kin and brethren Germans and British manipulating both sides of conflicts. Well it looks like these ideas have been running around for a long time. I think Charles is onto something here with Yaweh Satan. If we look at the prayer of the deceiver Jesus the Lord’s prayer as they like to call it goes ” thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” In other words “as above so… Read more »


When our politicans declare “God bless America”, they are referring to Satan or Lucifer.


YHWH ≠ Satan

Please disregard all those Christian shallow-thinkers who see “Satan” in every evil context.

The word “Satan” comes from the Sanskrit root “Satya,” meaning “truth.” Satan is the embodiment of the chief gods Odin/Wotan, Zeus, Enki, Krishna, etc. Sanskrit is older than Hebrew. (((They))) have purposefully named their evil character “Satan,” so that we, Gentiles would unwittingly CURSE OUR CREATOR GOD. Furthermore, “Devil” comes from the word “Devi,” meaning Goddess. “Demon” is the Greek “Daemon,” which means “god.” The horns are also Pagan symbols.

The Jews have twisted our spiritual symbolism and terminology. I love Charles Giuliani’s work, but it pains me to hear him referring to Satan as he does.

Heathen vegan

Woden, Zeus Enki and Krishna are not parallel Gods, your mythology is all messed up.

I have asked this before to “satanists” and always get the same answer revolving around “Wotan” and a misunderstood letter, but where is the references to Satan in the Indo European especially of the Northern folk?

It seems to me you are the ones using the Bible to define yourselves, using the word they chose and then giving it meaning for yourself.

Adding also Horns are a pagan thing is a bit lose, in the North this would be the one the Romano-Celts called Cernunnos (Horned-ancestor). You really need to study the Gods you group together so flippantly, before I could take anything else you said seriously.


Heathen vegan, my friend There needn’t be a direct reference to “Satan” in recognized European pantheons, although the “W” in Wotan that you mentioned should raise enough interest. The title of Satan is a convention. You can call him Lucifer or Enki just as well. We don’t know yet how the Antlantis age civilizations got their ideas about the supernatural, so we shouldn’t conclude that just because Krishna does not rhyme with Odin, they must be different entities. I don’t think the Romans were stupid for incorporating foreign pantheons. Just as I have mentioned earlier, “Satan” as a term predates Hebrew, so the idea that Satanists draw their definition from the Bible is openly erroneous. Just because the Jews are shitting on an ancient Pagan… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Adrian. Firstly it is not a simple case of Krisha and “Odin” dont Rhyme, It is far deeper than an Etymological problem. For instance you named Zeus, well Zeus is far easily compared to Indra and in Norse mythology Thor, not Woden or Krishna. I asked you for reference, first you said you didn’t need any then you claimed it predates Hebrew, but where? The argument does not revolve around any fear on my behalf I can assure you. In fact the whole idea is rather childish and may in fact point to why you enjoy saying “hail Satan”. To me the whole Satanist thing is a left over from Christianity. If you want to worship Woden become a Wodenist and so on. But… Read more »


“I’m trying to deceive?” If you’re a student of mythology, then it should be blatantly obvious for you that Jews have pieced together elements of astrotheology, including names of eastern deities, and have rearranged them into their twisted little fantasy narrative (and spellbook, I might add). They aren’t capable of coming up with something new, so they had to resort to intellectual theft. Do I need to state it again? SANSKRIT IS OLDER THAN HEBREW, which means Satan is older than the fucking torah!!! He is not a creation of the jews; his name is being USED to be spit on by those lacking the insight. Would you be okay to curse Indra and praise Zeus at the same time? Besides, what spiritual practice do… Read more »


Still no reference…

Ghost Man O; War

Adrian, one more time. Open your ears. The sound coming from my mouth, keyboard in this case, but think maybe the sound is bouncing off your horns and not finding home. MYTH is how we’re in this mess in the first place. I deal in reality. Didn’t Zelokov major at Yale or at least minor in “Creation and maintenance of public MYTH?” Oh, he did. Please go to Yale and lay down in the casket at Skull & Boners and tell all your myths and fantasy’s to yet another lost goofball at “prestigious” Yale. Yale is a dupe factory. Get a mirror and tell me the bar code number on the back of your neck because I’m curious where you were assembled? 666 is the… Read more »


as ‘solitary’ druid & witch i find your presumptions of spiritual breadcrumbs’ from a place of frustration & not fact. I have been seeing deities, spirits, future past so on since childhood. If we Aryans die out they do also, along with nature as we know it albeit a wounded state that it is. As for satan jesus yaya some pagan deities even – its all the same piece of shyte with different masks as I had the opportunity to see & face early on in my life although i was pushed & fought off christ insanity thanks for a traitorous family to our folk. Witches (real ones & no they we are not the jew wood stereoptypes) do not believe in a devil’ for… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Adrian I dont think you are trying to deceive, more you have been deceived. I tried to get to the bottom of this “Sanskrit” issue. It all seems to relate to the simulartie between two words, one in Hebrew and one in Sanskrit. Although I find etymology fascinating I would need much more than two words sounding similar and so should you. As I said the “mystic” this type of thing gives allows charlatans to make good on willing fools. To illestrate my point, here is a direct quote from a satanist blog. Here the guy atleast openly admits, that if it were not for the Hebrew word Satan NO ONE would be worshiping this supposed ancient deity (who you claim is every other pagan… Read more »


How can you suggest that Satan resembles the Judaic egregore? That’s absurd! I don’t know whom you’ve talked with, but that is not the case. That little quote there does not prove anything. You’re trying to rationalize from a limited perspective. If the Bible didn’t exist, then our whole situation would have been different. For one, you wouldn’t get shivers when hearing the word “demon.” Nor would you associate the name “Satan” with evil. Who says Satanists look to the bible for their inspiration? It’s you who see Satan from a Christian perspective. Charles keeps associating YHWH with Satan because it’s the obvious thing for an ex-Christian to do. He does not offer any argumentation besides quoting from that same schizophrenic book, which I hope… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Adrian, if you say to not confuse YOUR Satanism with Crowley’s or Blavatsky’s, LaVey’s, Wicca, or Solipsism…THEY’RE ALL JEWISH FOUNDED AND FUNDED, MY MAN. Then you say it’s not like any of those Satanism’s, and not opposite of Christianity but it’s a Grown Up Paganism. hahaahha Then why on earth use THAT name. You just said it’s not any of the Satanism’s known, and by the way, Satan is supposed to mean, the accuser or adversary (PAGANISM WASN’T ADVERSARIAL!!!!). Why then the heck would you name it Satanism, for it has nothing to do with it. Wow, now I know it’s Jewish. Name it, GUP (Grown Up Paganism) or something. Simple fools rush in to fads that have acronyms. Look how many freaks joined the… Read more »


Is that you David?


I agree with you ; Cernunnos the Celtic pagan god and Zeus were Horned gods .The primal Vedic god , Vishnu/Brahma Pashupati , was an avatar horned god ,the god of all the animals (The Aryans brought this one in the Keltic world ) Judeo-Christian Romans emperors made a Devil with the God of the Pagans ,in order to destroy their religious beliefs ; Satanists today are just a bunch of psychopath and excentric people Yahweh is a copy of Zeus .Satan is a jew Zeus ,Zeus is a Greek Vishnu , Cernunnos a Celt Vishnu ..Amen !