Truth Hertz: Yahweh the Terrible Tempter (10-28-19)

Charlie talks about how Yahweh was actually the devil who tempted people and then gets into the temptation of jesus, which provides a theoloical problem for Christians.

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I didn’t know that there were sins that were unforgivable and what those sins are, are never mentioned. What a mind fuck. This was certainly added later when christianity became a religion catered to non-jews to fuck with their mind and to demoralise them. Judaism teaches that sin is part of life and to sin is something to expect starting from youth and on which is why jews are allowed to sin freely and then during Yom Kippur, jews “transfer” their sins unto a chicken which they then slaughter, thus God forgives them of ALL their sins and now they are allowed to sin all they want again. This is a big contrast to christianity which considers many things as sins, even many normal human… Read more »

Nikolai Telsa

There doesn’t seem to be any limit to their evil and insanity.

‘The Paradoxical Ascent to God: The Kabbalistic Theosophy of Habad Hasidim’


As you say, a COMPLETE MINDFUCK on purpose to screw over dumb brainwashed ‘gentiles’…


“F-you and the camel you’re riding on” [56:50] LOL

Indeed. Christianity: Biggest and longest psy-op in the history of the Western World.

Thanks for the show Charlie.


CG you are one of the most REAL people I have ever come across. Your shows rip the VEIL off the disguise. This spell people are under. People willingly subject themselves to this brainwashing for 2000 years! 2000 years of Talmuddic Religions meant to subjugate humanity whether Christian or the Koran or the talmud itself….all of it is SHIT! Thank you for your work and dedication. Think of your work as setting one soul free at a time. On the flip side, think of the other idiots out there in the world that assume just because the bible is full of shit that they flock to Satanism, Occult, and hurt children, murder without conscience! CG this world is a prison for those of us that… Read more »