Truth Hertz: Yahweh’s Demons & Lunar Scams (11-1-18)

Charlies finishes up his discussion on demonology, talking about Yahweh and Jesus collaborating with demons. He then gets into some early moon hoaxes going back to 1835, and then finishes talking about Carl Sagan and nuking the moon.

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Oh, my…….. This is hands down the most egregious example of duping delight I’ve ever seen in my life.


There is no arrest record for Robert Bowers in the Tree of Lies Syn-a-gag “shooting”.


Was hoping for something REAL this time in our news. But until Renegades article, and this broadcast, I was again duped by the Pittsburgh incident. So it’s just more of the same BS. And as for the Good Book mentioned here, there are LOTS of contradictions. Like beating your plowshares BACK into swords etc. Another example is “turn the other cheek” and elsewhere, “an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”. I’ve read it and NOT EXAGGERATING.


Trump says US military will fire on immigrants throwing rocks. Sound like anybody you know?????????????

Ghost Man O; War

Kyles show that was played tonight, 11-3-18 around 9:50 p.m. Central, on the ‘They Live’, and the pro wrestling thing, was outstanding. I’ve heard it long ago but to hear it again, you pick up and retain more and more and more. It’s one of the best I’ve heard from any outlet. Kyle is never rude and I can’t recall a show I wouldn’t let a kid listen to. It’s just truthful and trying his damndest to being awareness to our world that is rigged up on wall and down the other. Ya just can’t beat this crew. Ya can’t. People get twisted sometimes for them revealing the swindling going on around us. They punch those punching us all in the back of the head.… Read more »

Johnny Walker Read

Must read – Caesar’s Messiah by Joe Atwill.'s_Messiah

Johnny Walker Read

Need a good laugh? Read about the computer power that supposedly landed man on the moon and returned him to the earth.


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