Truth Hertz: Yahweh’s Love for Child Abuse (1-4-18)

Charlie gets into the topic of Biblical child abuse, focusing mainly on Yahweh’s command of not “sparing the rod” in this episode. He also talks a little bit about American Indians, which opens up a whole can of worms with lots of callers.

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I am part Cherokee and Choctaw Indian by a small amount. But I know there was no love lost between the American Indians and the white settlers. From America’s colonial history onward, many bloody atrocities were done by the so-called “noble savages” on white people. In retaliation, White folks returned brutalities on the Red people. Also, Indian tribes were good at killing and torturing each other. This is the law of nature playing itself out among mankind. Nothing new about this.

Scott the Strategerist

Isn’t it also true that we whites left peaceful AmerIndians like the Hopi alone? This then proves we were only defending ourselves. Remember, we Northern and Western Europeans, who are not Spanish or Portugese, came as peaceful immigrants, w/ our wives and children, and brought diversity and opportunity to the continent!

Don’t forget that most of his-story comes from books, and hollywood propaganda films. Who is to say what actually happened at Wounded Knee and all those other instances where Indians were genocided, like the polio blankets. Polio blankets is a 100% kike move, it has the usual cowardliness and shame in such a move.

The truth is historical info is 99 percent theory before motion pictures and live radio . Today its higher depending on the event covered in the media’s , for example; 911 , true fact buildings came down , 2 of which jets crashed into them , people were killed there , everything else is just theory about who did it and why and how the jets were controlled, nothing else without going back in time and being there to personally see hear things leading up to the event. News / Medias are just theories mostly made up by some very basic true facts as in 911 airplanes hit buildings people died, everything else theories ,50 percent true ,50 percent false.

This was a fantastic show! Learning about Barry Fell’s research was a revelation for me. I am very curious about suppressed history.
I learn so much from Guiliani, the callers, and the commenters as well. Thank-you CG, the Renegade staff, and all Renegaders!

It’s pretty much the same deal for New Zealand and Australia. The information is highly suppressed and most web pages that featured the info are no longer reachable ..

Although I’m as big a Giuliani fan as anyone else, I really did think his last couple of minutes of this show were pathetic. Urban is 100% correct. The notion that the Indians were noble savages is absolutely a retarded idea. I have read Scalp Dance, and I would recommend everyone who thinks Indians are warm fuzzies to read it ASAP. I used to be into all that Dances with Wolves bullshit, but one reading of Scalp Dance cured me of that nonsense for good.

I think what Charlie believes & correctly so, is that evil as well as goodness exists in all people of all stripes, I didn’t interpet what he said or didn’t say indicated all tribes were benevolent, perhaps he should have set that caller straight but cut him some slack, he is usually so polite to callers that he let’s them view their opinions & then moves on to his notes without elaborating. It is is easy for us to critique & pick a host apart but I have found problems & inconsistencies in all hosts & believe me if I or anyone else hosted a show it would be the same if not worse.

I would hardly say I’m picking his show apart. I merely commented that I thought his last little spiel was pathetic. It’s such a canned jew-approved “goy” response that whenever someone makes a less than positive statement about a minority, some white guy has to pop up and say something goofy like: “They’re not all that way.” Fuck that nonsense. When blacks sit around trashing whites, there’s never one of them that chimes in with: “A lot of them white folks sure is decent.” Only whites feel the need for such inanities.

I can’t speak to Charlie’s motives only he can do that. But I have noticed that he prefers to coresponde privately via his email “ “. And I can say that I see the wisdom in this. It’s not always wise to air your dirty laundry. When blacks are only around each other I have no way of knowing what they say and I don’t know how you could either. But I can say from my experience as having been a minority among them that when they feel comfortable around you they will criticize whites and then say “ “ but your alright “. One time over 2 decades ago a black man said to me, “ I don’t have nothing against a working… Read more »
You should try telling people that the Maoris, the ones from SE Asia who look just like Aussie Abbos (not the Polynesian ones who are effectively already part Irish) were Savage Cannibals ! It is estimated that they arrived to NZ between 700 – 1,000 years ago via Marinos or Chinese Pirate Ships. Most of them were Male, so you can imagine what transpired once they encountered the Celts that were already there. Given the fact that there are Camels running wild in Australia’s NW (where did they come from ?) , and that the SE Asian Maoris only arrived much later than we are led to believe, and, that there were only some 400k Abbos when the first settlers arrived, they could not have… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist
Oh, wow, Paul. That’s fascinating. Where could a dumb American like me find out more about this? Also, one of the things I learnt in school is that the Australoids were a complete mystery in terms of how they got to Australia in the first place because it’s so far from anywhere else, and they’re so absolutely primitive that they didn’t have any sailing technology. Indeed, when whites arrived, many of them hadn’t made the connection between intercourse and reproduction! (Yet they’re of course totally equal to us in every way!) To be clear (and I only feel comfortable saying this on Renegade), Australia, to me, was always The Land Down Under. It was surrounded by ocean for a thousand miles in all directions, w/… Read more »

An aboriginal workmate of mine told me that somewhere near the blue mountains is evidence of ancient white civilization. He knew a park ranger who found it but didn’t tell anyone where it is for fear the government would destroy it.

Here’s a funny cartoon that illustrates how blacks mistake Jews for Us.

I’ve never heard of that one. I’ll have to order it on my next payday. Is that the one by Thomas Goodrich?

Disagree. The Indians or redmen should not be denigrated by that woman. The nature worship and love for their pagan past that was ruthlessly suppressed by the fucking catholic church especially in Canada is bonechilling. These kids were told to forget their language, and many were abused by the bastards of the cloth mostly irish catholic fathers. To those in Canada i can feel sympathy for how the Indians suffered. Also diabetes is astronomical around the natives especially know they are hooked on fuking mcdnlds and burger king just as whites who are killing themselves slowly with junk food!

It was mostly in eastern canada especially Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia.

The most horrific stories of (((Catholic))) abuse and torture were of pacific coast indians.
This is where I facetiously wonder – who gets the award for enduring the most abuse and suffering?
I absolutely loathe that dialectic.

The most recent stories I’ve heard about today’s ”living natives” are how they piss and shit all over city parks and public places, trashing them – almost as a careless, yet deliberate ‘F you’ to the people who created these enjoyable settings.

Good point about the suppresion by the Catholic church. It seems that everyone touched by abrahamic insanity tends to want to spread that insanity to others. If there’s one crime Whites should feel guilty of it’s helping spread the insanity around the globe.

Vasgard – Most folks get their history from movies or mainstream propaganda passed as ”historical truth”. Who owns and operates all the media, nearly worldwide at this point? JEWS. Jewish hollywood has projected the image of the incredibly sensitive and ”in touch with nature” red man, abused and forced from his homelands – COMPLETELY omitting his history – who the red mans descendants were and where he originated, and the total opposite side of the ”sensitive” coin. Tribes who scalped, raped and pillaged women, children, and men, eliminating villages of not only whites, but reds too – were more common than hollywood likes to portray. The holly wood agenda is the total genocide of all diversity, with a particularly forceful stab towards white Europeans. Don’t… Read more »

My assessment is that the other female caller was wrong for expecting Charlie to correct UJG. It was the previous male caller who made the sweeping statements thus implying that ALL Native Americans were benevolent. They didn’t even know what rape was? I’m calling Bull Shit! The irony is that UJG was actually making the NOT ALL argument and correcting the previous caller’s sweeping statements. The NOT ALL argument works both ways.

Yeah those amerindians that would burn their women alive and scalp my ancestors were so Noble! Listening to two grown men gush over amerindians is thoroughly cringe-worthy.

Also, spanking is for lazy people. Discipline does not have to be physically hurting another. I discipline my child with time outs, consequences, privileges being taken away, and leading by example. Spanking children has been proven to lower their IQ and it also teaches them that they can abuse their Authority. I can’t stand lazy people who think that the only way to discipline their children is to spank them. Adderley pathetic.

Utterly** one other thing that just came to me. My father grew up abusing me physically and it didn’t ever make me stop acting bad. I would just become more bold and would try to to hurt him more than he hurt me and would end up just running away and engaging in the same behaviors that I was being punished for it.

Sinead, I did not know about your childhood, I am so saddened that you suffered at the hands of your father. My ex-Wife was from Galway bay Ireland & her father abandond her and her 2 sisters, they were abusd by the catholic foster homes and also by thir own relatives, they were all celts or Aryans or whatever she married me because of my families strong unity and we were Italian ginnys, wops or whatever but were good people.

Both of my parents disciplined me in their own way. And I love and appreciate them for it. My father beat my ass with an ax handle or a wiffle ball bat depending on the severity of my offense. I had to do something really bad to get the ax handle. Like when I was15 and didn’t have any license; I snuck out side one night and took the family car for a joy ride. The fact is bad decisions in life have consequences and if you don’t teach your children this the law or the streets will. My mother only spanked me once. But I will never forget it! Like you she didn’t believe in spanking. Her “ time out “ ( we called… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist

Why did you take all your material down? Sorry, maybe it’s out there, but A LOT of us don’t follow the Internet dramarama.

Violence is the result of precieved injustice done to a person or persons known to you , including you . The rich controlled media’s and religions will brainwash you as to what their definition of justice is. So, when you act differently than their definitions of law words (that they change whenever they need to to win to be just), you create injustice ,ergo frustration and more injustice . Then 3rd party neutral paid enforcers with the ability to use deadly force come in and control or remove the misanthrope? Not a good system of control, it seems to promote violence because no one understands the law because it changes to whatever the Rich people that write it want it to mean when non Rich… Read more »

Great call Urban.

I am sure all of us still have some “programming” lingering around, But the whole “before the wytpipl we wuz pacifist, tree huggers that never knew war” is a little to silly. This idea only exists because of the endless propaganda in movies and fictional literature, not historical observations.

Everything we have been taught is either an outright lie or twisted, especially if it can be used against white folk. White people easily (too easily) accept their supposed crimes, no other group does this. Germany built a monument to its supposed shame the fake holocaust, you tell me one people, other than whites groups, that build monuments to their “crimes” real or not?

IMO the reason why whites “too easily” accept their supposed crimes IS because of the endless anti-white propaganda targeted at them at such a young age (before they have a understand the history or how the world actually works), reinforced through years and years of relentless tests and grades, All the Holohoax and Dance with Wolves films emotionally traumatizing them so they will react (triggered) instead of reason, etc, etc….By the same token you can easily criticize the blacks in reverse. Many of them follow the Nile Valley Movement (the “We Wuz Kangs” ideology/superimposed black faces over Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare, etc…) and fall for the George Soros funded BLM bs propaganda of “Trayvon Martin was a saint murdered in cold blood by a (((white supremacist))),… Read more »

Correction: (((George Soros)))

I agree Jeffry. For the most part yes , the propaganda our young folk have to go through, it is a wonder any make it out. It though is an abuse of our natural sense of fair play. There are many tales of our ancestors that show, even in dire situations, our sense of fair play is vitally important to us. also one of the reasons we advanced the sciences and became the inventors of the world, is because we are self critical. This is even true in Celto Germano humor, which often takes on self depreciating form, not as a sign of weakness though more a sign of confidence. These things are not negatives in themselves, but how they are currently being manipulated, they… Read more »

Most men respect the Indians for being warriors not for being tree huggers. Same thing for the Vikings who are more respected and no-one is suggesting they were tree huggers.

“Tree hugger” What an idiotic term. Sounds like some Rush Scumbaugh bullshit. So people who love and appreciate nature don’t deserve respect?

I was simply using the term that Heathen Vegan used. It’s common for people to parrot terms they’ve just heard or read. Most people will do it subconsciously.

It’s not that you don’t deserve respect for loving nature but Indians aren’t respected for their supposed love of nature. Most men respect them for being a warrior race. Probably even most women. The Atlanta Braves for example weren’t named out of respect for Indian love of nature. They were named out of respect for their fighting spirit.

I have Hugged Trees myself.

I was simply using it sarcastically to emphasise a point.

@ WhiteWolf and HeathenVegan: Point taken.

When I use this term I’m not talking about people who like myself, love and want to preserve the Earth, BECAUSE it’s our HOME. But those extremists that think our existence is of less value than the Earth itself. The fact is the sun will burn out at some point. The conditions that make our life possible here will not endure forever. However, there’s no law ( physics ) that says we can’t endure forever.

If “diversity” spreads throughout the planet humanity will eventually regress to the stone age. People will look in wonder at the huge steel and glass structures around the globe wondering how they were built and who built them much like we do today with the pyramids. They won’t be escaping to some other planet or solar system. They will die with the planet.

I usually don’t concern myself with the voting here because having a better perception of reality is more important than being popular. But I want to say to everyone that thumbed me down and I don’t care how high this goes; it better be because you don’t like the term “ tree hugger “. If you love the Earth so much so that you hope that it last longer than us you are a TRAITOR to your people. Like I said in a previous post my father beet my ass with an ax handle because I took the family car one night. He didn’t beat me because he loved the car more than me. He beat me because I jeopardized his ability to provide for… Read more »
Hearing Charles cow at the end there to the demanding female caller after UJG was pretty cringy. Otherwise, another phenomenal show, and I very much appreciate Charles perspective, insight, and diligent research. I wonder what ethnicity the woman from NY was… I grew up with the whole fantasy of ”Dances with Wolves”, and other nonsense hollywood imagery. I sat in a couple of ”Native American Church” ceremonies, but after waking up to the reality that hollywood soulessly promotes genocide and ”diversity” for a purpose – I have woken up to the reality that the beloved image of the peaceful, noble ”native” – is just that – an image. You cannot mistake hollywood for reality. You will lose every time. – Hilariously (while simultaneously infuriating), I… Read more »

Name calling against other races is pointless. If there’s a criticism, especially a valid one, put it on the table; otherwise, it’s just emotional talk which is fine but not in intellectual discussions.
Meanwhile, I agree with UJG that the “noble savage” depiction of Amerindians is a propaganda, not for their benefit but against Europeans. That’s also not to say that there were genocidal crimes committed by ZOG and their Christard army (same people whose Pagan ancestors were treated as “savages” by the crypto-Jew Christians) against Amerindians by using the violence (justified or unjust ones) committed by the Amerindians as an excuse.

Ditto, darling…how long!

People, don’t sweat the small stuff,stay focused on the tribe that created this mess.