Truth Hertz: Zahi Hawass’ Giza Gangsters & Forgeries in King Tut’s Tomb (5-13-19)

Charlie continues his notes regarding the coverups that have taken place in Giza at the behest of Zahi Hawass and the Egyptian government, then gets into the shenanigans involved with King Tut’s tomb, which is filled of lies.

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4 years ago

As to the mummies being shipped to Europe for fuel…..remember that the modern Egyptians are of a different Race and religion, NOT the Ancient Peoples. Today, they’re Arabic and islamic. Ancient Peoples are considered Pagan and anything to do with them is to be destroyed. Also, Egypt in the 1800s was controlled by the fanatic Turks – neither the Egyptians nor the Turks had any respect for the Ancients, and were very happy to ship out mummies.

Today’s Egyptians would do the same, but they claim to be proud of the Ancients ONLY because of world tourism (even the Asians go there for the Ancient sights/sites) which brings in $Billions. Otherwise, forget it!

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