Truth Hertz: ZOG Survival Guide – Uncovering the Lies (12-7-17)

Charlie speaks to Brian (and callers) about a variety of topics, such as climate change, chemtrails, Pearl Harbor, Trump and the capital of Israel, Alex Jones shilling, the fake space program, and much more.

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I almost lost my own lunch over that caller saying Michael Collins (who wrote four books) state that they threw out their Space Suits and Lunch Wrappers out the hatch before lift-off return to Earth 🙂 Mike Collins has stated recently he’d like to be in a room full of Deniers.
Perhaps he’d like to be on a show ?


Yea I can’t wait to go to Mars, like go all the way to Mars and just end up in another shopping centre of Next, starbucks, mcdonalds and currys. Woop. They will get to mars like the movie Capricorn one did.


I never understood why everyone always wanted to travel to Mars and other planets and explore the galaxies. Earth is fine with me. Were it not for the fucking jews, this planet could be very near a paradise.


would love to send them there inc the jews so we could live with our mother earth again like we love to.. 0/

Dunno if it is true or not, but I heard some years ago that in Perth Western Australia, during the televised event which was in the early hours, that a Coke Bottle was seen and someones hairy arm appeared and quickly scuttled it away. Screen went blank briefly, then the show continued. Apparently Pine Gap is/ was the main part of the NASA Coms for the televised mission.


would not surprise me Paul, if you knew how many jews were hear posing as blonde whites you’d be shocked… their sheckle love usually gives them away & sometimes the nose’ many irish were sent here to be ‘servants’ during the imposed famine & the government is infested with UN politics, Israel worshipers inc all the politicians within.. Most here have been conditioned to not see’ the problems & or not care as long as they have their beer & or gossip. We are mostly brown immigration now, this island feels more like a prisoner island & lost.. & yes NASA has done quite a bit with Australia, sorry just had it today with these browns here who also attack our wildlife (had to witness… Read more »

The Testament of Arkadia (on Space 1999) suggests that the Indo-European Peoples who wrote in Sanskrit had to abandon their Planet in search of a new one. That Planet is Planet Earth.


just catching up on show in full, late. Great show charlie & your guest was awesome 🙂 re GST goods & services tax (sales tax) we have had in oz for a decade now.. its at 10% & they would love to increase it of course… thoroughly painful when you own a small business like i used to.. next door new zealand has it too but i believe it may be higher dont quote me but as high as 21%? re spraying, they had left us alone for a while now they are hitting us morning lunch & night in this summer solstice in australia, funny how they are ramping it up in your northern hem. winters solstice. & yes no one seems too notice… Read more »


chem trails tribe member mp… Then Environment Minister, now Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, gives “Australian Rain Corporation” 10 million dollars for untested rain-making technology in 2007. ,”….Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull bet $10 million taxpayers’ dollars, plus $1 million GST he could make it rain, even when there are no clouds. He did so by bankrolling research into a mysterious ionisation technology promoted by the Australian Rain Corporation. “Electrification of the ionosphere to create clouds out of thin air. Certainly sounds a lot like the secret Australian rain device – no photographs allowed – that so excited the Minister and those who will share his six-month $10 million research funding…..” – Greg Hoy for the ABC’s 7.30 Report aired 19/11/2007 a good awareness site on this… Read more »