Truth Hertz: The Zozo God (10-11-16)


Charles talks about how an evil spirit conjured from a Ouija board actually relates to an ancient deity that can be found through the ages. Music list

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Cancer alley is in Louisiana along the Mississippi River where all the refineries are located.


Yes, but, unfortunately, there’s more than one area of high cancer rates, and the caller did not necessarily mean that the old Monsanto plant in Ludlow, Massachusetts along the Massachusetts Turnpike was THE or the only “cancer alley.” Simply one area of high cancer rates.

Re: Clowns, I found an Israeli link, check it out:


My best friend’s name is Zoey. It sounds like one of those variations of the word Zozo. i’m sure this would scare the crap out of her


Watch this discussion with Stefan Timm and his friend on Cases of Demonic Possession from 2012 to 2016.
I suggest watching it in the morning since, especially, towards the end it gets too spooky.