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6 years ago

That’s the Christian and Catholic mentality. It’s God’s plan that anything that makes you happy or feels good and pleasurable is wrong and is a sin lol

6 years ago

Wilhelm Reich and the celibates are two sides of the same semitic coin

6 years ago

Since this is jhewhe related I have to post this for you all. This actually made me larf my face off. I missed this until today, but the following video without any shadow of doubt, as if we need to hear it again, proves for all eternity the perpetual and all pervasive problem of ALL problems. The part that really made me spray my tea over my screen with hilarity was the part where even a Black man understood why German would have wanted to gas the Famous 6Million survivors! I know it was a media fable but it is the fact that he totally understood it given his own experiences LEL!

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