Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (1-13-16)


Ching Chong political correctness; Friends not having the balls to say goodbye; Everything wrong with Western Civ going untold; Multi-Raicialism VS Multi-Culturalism; Picking your own brainwashing; MGTOW and labeling; The Adelaide Institute and 3 months prison; And your calls.

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8 years ago

Good show. I hadn’t heard of Renegade Broadcasting before this, but I like the focus of the site: pro-white journalism with a racialist message that isn’t diluted by Conservatism or religion. This show was essentially a two-hour rant about the Big Picture, but that’s exactly what white people need: a basal level of unabashed war-drum thumping that appeals to the lowest common denominator of white society, just like Goyfire did, before Linder and Cobb moved on to other things. It’s the prevalence of this pro-white media which what will hasten the segregation of the white populace into nationalists, traitors, and indifferents. The sooner this happens, the better. You’re right that we need to develop our own pro-white vocabulary. Alex Linder says that we should never… Read more »

8 years ago

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Cheers for listening.


8 years ago

Shaun, I agree there is a genocide of Europeans going on. But I also have spent several years studying MGTOW. I hate to see the pro-White community make an ass of themselves pontificating on a topic they obviously know little about. To be fair MGTOW is a very difficult phenomenon to quickly get a handle on, but I have to wonder how much of an effort anyone on Renegade even made. MGTOW is extremely complex and subtle. It takes weeks and maybe months of study depending on how much time you have to get the big picture. Did you even bother to read the Wiki page on it? Even so the Wiki page keeps getting put up, taken down and vandalized. So before it changes… Read more »

8 years ago

I think you overestimate how much I care about MGTOW. I made it clear that I am new to it. That in itself should say enough, in that I am not well versed in it, but also, given my stance on women, that I have made absolutely clear over some years now, I find it hard to believe that you would hassle me about the deep and meaningful details about MGTOW. I could see you messaging Sinead about it, within such fine detail, because she knows it so well, but me? In all honesty, whilst I enjoyed touching on it, with what little I know, I am not that interested in it. If you all want to fight over the bullshit fuckin “I’m a female… Read more »

8 years ago


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