Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (1-26-16)


Shaun & Michelle discuss a great many things on TCTA: Kangaroo Care, Maternal & Paternal Instinct, Racist Babies, Breast Milk Vs Formula, Picking Up Women Alpha Style, and more. Donate to Shaun

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4 years ago

Good show Shaun, thanks.

Hey here’s a little article that might be a real hoot to include in your next show. It’s about 3 actual place names in New Zealand that have the “N-word” in them and how they are finally being changed to something more PC. But get this – the government has had MORE complaints AGAINST the name change than for it! LOL! More people want to keep the word “Nigger” in the name than change it to “something less offensive”. Funny shit!

Reply to  Mary
4 years ago

Oh, that’s a fuckin pearler, Mary! I’m going to have some fun with this one.

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